Day 1 – Madinah

Alhamdulillah… We have arrived Madinah 🙂

Flight was pleasant and smooth. There were a few mild air-pockets but other than that, all good. Our flight was at 2pm from KLIA. We reached KLIA airport at 10.45am (supposed to meet up at 10am) but we made it.

There were a quick briefing near Old Town White Coffee on the do’s and don’t, what to look for and what to expect, etc.. etc.. Since our flight is at 2pm, there’s little room for us to perform our Zohor prayer. So me, Mr Hubster and My Mom went to surau to take our wudu’. By the time we got into the immigration and all it was already 1pm. While waiting for all of us to go pass our gate, it was already 1.30pm and we managed to perform our Zohor prayer (qasar Asar) at the gate area. Since our seat was at the upper deck, there were heaps of spaces at the waiting area (level 1) for some of us to perform our prayer.

We reached Madinah airport at about 6.40pm (Madinah time), took the shuttle bus to the immigration point. I went separate lane from Mr Hubster and My Mom simply because we just want to disperse ourselves. Apparently, my lane was faster and the person mending Mr Hubster and my mom’s lane ditched them to attend another lane. And since I cannot linger around after the immigration area, I was directed to go to the baggage collection area. 30 minutes after, I was united back with Mr Hubster and My Mom. Got our bags then we were instructed to head to the bus which is about 5-10 minutes walk away from the airport.

When we reached the bus, we got to know that we still need to wait for the rest to past immigration and collect their bags, so we then decided to go to the Mosque which is next to the airport to perform Maghrib and Isyak.

By 9pm, everyone got on the bus and we were ready to head to the hotel. We were told that there’s a requirement for buildings in Madinah to maintain a certain height so that Masjid Nabawi can be seen from miles away.

We were greeted by Ustaz Haji Hadi at Dallah Taibah Hotel and were ushered straight to the eating area. There, we were given briefings for tomorrow’s plan to Mekkah.

Owh, what I observed with Rayhar was that, we dont have to care about our bags as much. The moment we arrived at the hotel in Madinah, and while enjoying our dinner, we were told by Ustaz Haji Hadi to collect our bags at certain floor. By the time we got on to that floor, there’s heaps of bags from our travel from KL to be collected 🙂

Now we’re in our rooms ready to go to bed. More updates soon.



First trip for the year 2017


Earlier this year, I suggested to my Husband that it is time for us to perform our Umrah since we have been going around the world (well sort of..) together after getting married except for one which was Umrah. He agreed and we immediately scout for travel agents. We’ve been to Andalusia and Rayhar. Andalusia was full for Feb and there were only a few seats left for end of Feb with Rayhar so we decided to go for Rayhar instead. Never been with Rayhar before and neither did my parents. So, its the first for everyone of us.

The date we chose was 20 Feb 2017 – 03 Mar 2017. This package flies to Mekkah via Jeddah first then only we fly back to KL from Medinah.

Paid all the necessary and went to one briefing at KLCC mosque and another final briefing on the actual flight details and itinerary 2 weeks before the flight. We got to know that there were slight changes to our program since Jeddah airport is under construction to cater for A380 flights, we are unable to land in Jeddah but to land in Medinah Airport instead. Owh well… we just follow the plan.

All we need to do know is wait till 20 February 2017…….

Delayed recovery?

I have been going for physio without miss every week. Yesterday, my feet was sore throughout the whole day which was abit weird coz it never happened this way before. 

I’ve only started using the gym 2 days ago at the physio centre and it was all right. 

Anyway, went for my physio session today and when they were doing the ultrasound, I felt pain – again its weird coz I’ve never felt any discomfort by doing ultrasound before. They did comment that my ankle was swollen bigger than 2 days ago. What’s happening to me?!?! 😱

The doctor came to inspect. He explained that its rare for him to jab his patients with the Hyalgan gel twice and I told the doctor to give me some time and I can assure you that my leg will heal! No way I want to endure the whole jab in the feet again!

So, today they put me on this….. 👇🏻

Felt like Dato’ Lee Chong Wei all of a sudden 😝

Weekly thing

Its the start of a weekly rehab. Will need to do physio 3 times a week now. I think day by day it has helped me alot with the recovery process. I dont mind being pampered everytime I come here. Hehehhe

Netball game-on

A week have past since my injury. And now I am all prepared for the game – to be outside of the court supporting my team of course! Bahahaha! 

My colleague who had her finger fractured just couldn’t resist but to play. She’s well aware of the risks involved and accept what might happen to her. That’s because, we no longer have an actual shooter except me and her. I am definitely out of the game – got promoted to team manager though. Hehehhee

Well… we played 3 games but got last place 🙄. But…… comments from other team says that we have improved!!! Yaaaayy! That meant alot really! 

Gonna miss the netball girls now that all will part ways back to work and I guess if there’s a game next year, we’ll see each other again. 

First OT experience

Today is THE DAY. It was 7am on a Friday morning. Mr Hubster and I slowly made our way to the hospital with smooth traffic (took us 20 minutes to reach there – suberb!). Headed to Level 2 to register for admission. At this point, I was nervous but the nurses were very nice and helpful. They gave me the robe and asked me the change. My room is super huge for a hospital. There’s 2 section, 1 is the living room and another section is the bed and toilet is also super huge! Can fit about 10-12 people at a time in the toilet. 

So the doctor came at 7.30am and prepared for OT. The anest doctor came to insert the cannula but I requested for the gas instead. So they wheeled my bed into the OT. First time in the OT – its cold and all spotless clean! The doctor saw that I was observing then he goes “its going to be all right” while tapping on my shoulder. They then transfered from my bed to the OT table and came the anest doctor from behind and put on the green colored mask with an undescribable smell.  By using a breathing mask, I can just breathe to sleep. This approach helps ease some anxiety about needles and the overall procedure or surgery which is soo me! I wanted to test, after 3 breaths – I was knocked out! 30 minutes later, the anest doctor woke me up – Alhamdulillah its all done now. Apparently the doctor had to drain out about 2.5ml of blood out from my cartilage coz it is not normal to have traces of blood there and if it were kept in there, it can be toxic! Luckily I got knocked out coz I surely dont want to see the whole procedure! 😨

Orthopedic to the rescue

Called the hospital first thing in the morning to see the doctor. Fortunately, there’s available slot at 9.45am. I dragged a colleague of mine to see the doctor who had bruised finger due to netball as well (same day as my injury). 

Met the doctor, very nice one and looked very concern about my condition. He couldnt comment much at first until he sees the results from x-ray and MRI. So, i was wheeled down to the Imaging section. 

That’s us happily waiting for our turn to do x-ray and MRI

This one handsome looking dude came to me and said its time for the MRI. While he was pushing the wheelchair, we had this short conversation:

Him: What’s the cause of injury?

Me: Netball

There was this short pause and he continued…

Him: Playing against BNM?

Me: Yes (darn it! Good guess)

Him: What position did you play?

Me: Goal shooter

Him: I’ve met your defender, your goal keeper now you… I’ve yet to meet your coach

Me: 🙄 You wont be seeing her for sure! But my goal attack is here as well! You might be seeing her too today! 😂

We’re famous in this hospital due to Netball. Bahahahahhahaha! Yeah.. Coach was hard on us 😔

MRI machine was soo cool! Only my leg that was in the machine, my top half body was outside of that machine and luckily I get to lie down on my back, comfy full of pillows and blanket to keep me warm. He even put on a headphone with music on. Nice! But he didnt tell me how long it will take so I decided to count the number of songs that was played – total 5 songs! So it was approximately 25minutes. 

Got both my x-ray and MRI results done, so they wheeled me back to the doctor. This doctor was too direct to me by starting his conversation as “you hurt quite badly la. You tore 2 out of 3 ligaments and you have a bruised cartilage”. I havent got a clue what that means at first, then he came with the feet statue and started explaining. All in all, he said I needed the Hyalgan gel to be inserted on my cartilage via a jab! a.k.a  💉! Owh-uh! Told the doctor about my history with needles and the thought of him jabbing my ankle? No way! So I asked for alternatives and he suggested to take gas to knock me out and I am loving that idea! Hahaha.. so tomorrow morning is my date with the doctor!

For now, this was what I got back at the end of the day 👇🏻

new boots! its a new trend! =p and my colleague got a finger brace due to her chipped bone

Netball Accident

We had our last training with our netball coach yesterday so coach decided to do a friendly with Maxis since we have been playing or rather training among ourselves. I guess Coach felt that it’s time to see how we play against other teams. 

We were actually having fun – well I was. Its really good to see how our team now able to play as a TEAM. Love you guys!!! We are more structured, we managed to get the ball when passed – no more buttery fingers. So yaay!!

Not so sure if we were leading at that point but I think we were. Hahaha. So, then came 2nd half and the ball was coming to me and all I could remember that there were people near me and before I could catch the ball, I felt a sharp pain on my right ankle. Owh-uh I thought. This cannot happen today! Not when there’s a game next week!!!! 

I couldn’t move my leg but at that time everyone was around me giving a helping hand. Someone even came with ice immediately so that helped alot! After about 2 minutes in the court, I decided to sit at the side and let the game continue. The moment I wanted to stand, I couldn’t put my right feet on the ground!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO! What actually happened to my ankle? It felt like a sprain ankle.. so lets just brush it off.. Fuuh! 

Went back home but slowly I had to drive using my left foot instead coz I couldn’t bear the pain to push the accelerator. 

Mr Hubster then continued to ice my feet.. it had swollen bigger now. Huhuhu..

Its Merdeka today.. specialist doctors would be off sooo…… I just had to bear with it for today. Can’t walk now, I have to crawl my way around the house. Little Zara thinks that I’m playing cats with her so she joined me to crawl with sound effects “Meow! Meow!”. 😅


Will need to wait till tomorrow to see the specialist. Wish me luck!  

Bowling tourney

So its here! The day has come for everyone to show off and show their talents!

We played at Wangsa Walk. Lane was nice, clean and looks newly-renovated. Minimal delays in terms of lane problem. 

By the time I reached there, I quickly looked at the team arrangement. They assigned 1 representative to a team – so that we mingle. I got placed next to the guy’s lane (hemph!) AND…… they assigned me to the best players that kick-ass last year. DAMMIT! There goes my confidence. These people are really good. They can be quite intimidating (well thats how I see it), when they come in with their own ball and all sorts of gadgets looking like a pro. I just had to talk to myself and motivate to boost up my confidence. I do sometimes go to my colleagues just to get confort – teehee! 

The players from other company that I had to compete with

Then my biggest supporter came….. its Mr Hubster! Awwww…. 

In the end, we got 2nd overall. I got 4th in ladies placing overall but 1st placing within my company. So that was ok. Could have been better. Will train more next time! 

We got second ya’ll

Intercompany game

It’s that time of year when we tend to have intercompany games. We get emails flying out every week to either to scout for people to fill up certain sports or reminders on the training. There are sports like:

– Futsal (for the guys. There were for ladies last year but the take up rate this year was low so they decided to only open up to the gents)

– Volleyball

– Netball 

– Bowling

– Badminton

– Basketball

– Ping Pong

– Dodgeball (new sport for this year and it was to replace the futsal for Ladies)

– Darts

I am joining bowling and netball as GS – no stamina to run so I’d rather be in the D section. We hired a coach to train us – not to win but to make us better than last year. At least probably to be more organised, have ‘chemistry’ with other players, and polishing up any netball skills. So the month of August is the month where everyone will be hyped up to get better in sports! We shall see what’s the progress. =)