Ola! I wanted to create an entry last week but I wasn’t feeling well. Been having flu and fever! Maybe because I’ve been working extra hours for 3 days straight up to a point my body can’t take it anymore. Blame it at the year-end closing of accounts! Hemph!

I managed to get medical leave for a day after I visited the acupuncture doctor which is the topic of entry for today.

Normally in the past, whenever I am not feeling well, I would go to the clinic and the GP (General Practitioner) doctor will give all sorts of medication to take and especially for antibiotics, you are required to finish it up. So one day my parents suggested for me to have a go at acupuncture. At that time there were few reasons why they suggested me this:

1. I have a bad flu. Especially in the morning and now that I sleep with my cats, the flu gets worse – and my parents read over on the internet that acupuncture can help cure flu.

But!!! read number 2 below…

2. I am terrified of needles! Or in other words, I have serious phobia of needles. I have history pertaining to it. Lets go back when I was 12 years old – I was supposed to get a jab back then in Glasgow, UK. I fainted shortly after the procedure and because my head hit the ground hard when I fainted, I had a mild concussion and was unconscious on-and-off. So I was hospitalised at a children’s hospital for 24 hours. Ever since that tragedy, I refuse to get any jabs at all.

Well I lied! I had to take another jab 3 years after that. At that time I was due to get my braces done. So prior to that, the dentist needed to extract a few teeth out – and they had to give me the dental injection. Which went out ok until 2 minutes later, I fainted on the dentist chair!

From then onwards, I concluded that I don’t do well with needles!

So 15 years have passed from the last incident and after much deliberation and thoughts, I decided to have a go. My dad tagged along with me just in case if there’s any drama at the hospital and faint..Gheee! :p

I chose to go to Tung Shin Hospital along Jalan Pudu, KL.

Here in Kuala Lumpur, there are a lot of beauticians that offer acupuncture but from my opinion, I prefer to go to a hospital. Mainly because I am comfortable that the person doing it are those qualified doctors plus needles that they use are from the new packaging and sterilised. You can tell that they don’t reuse the needles because once you are done, they will place the needles in the yellow needle dispenser bucket. The whole treatment costs RM22 per session (RM25 for first-time customers – They take RM3 for one-time registration fee)

photo 1
So coming back to my story about being ill, the doctor confirmed that I was having a fever. The whole process took approximately 40 minutes. First 5 – 10 minutes for the doctor to examine me then she placed the metallic needles into parts of my body – mostly on my face (where affected). Was it painful? Not at all! More of like a tingling sensation or sometimes you feel like a small ant biting on your skin, but after a few seconds, that feel just fades off. The acupuncture needles are left in for approximately 30 minutes. During that 30 minutes, I will definitely doze off to sleep. ZZzzz……
 photo 2
It worked! After the next day, fever…. GONE! You should try it!
Update: I did share my experience with my SMDU friends. One of my friends gave it a try and now her parents would frequently pay a visit to the hospital to get their acupuncture treatment. Even better, her parents are now persuading their friends to have the acupuncture treatment! =) =) =)

2 thoughts on “Poke-a-Needle

  1. Azan says:

    Hmmmm…one day I should give it a try too. So far, my only encounter with acupuncture has been as a driver to my wife when I drove her to Tung Shin! Bwahaha

  2. Ty-Min says:

    Hahaha! Owh I found out that since you have been the driver to your wife, you don’t have to validate your parking ticket if it is within 15 minutes! I came across with that note at one of the ticket machines.

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