Crams before my travel

I am scheduled to travel for the ISACA conference tonight and of all the days, I had an unusual cramp on my upper thigh and the pain was excruciating! I can’t even move a bit and it happened every 10 minutes – sometimes can come up to every 2 minutes but once the pain fades off, it just quickly disappear.

So my husband suggested me to go to a hospital for checkup rather than to go to a clinic. It was at 5pm so I still had ample of time before I take the cab to the airport by 11pm.
So went to Gleneagle and had a checkup. They even performed an ultrasound on my thigh to check if there’s any blockage on my veins. So far, it’s all good – no blockage. Why it happened? I have no idea. The senior MO gave me painkiller as I informed him that I will be on a long-haul flight tonight. He also said that I am having fever and to make sure I take the medicine on the plane on a timely basis so that I’m free from fever by the time I get to the destination. Let’s hope all ok.


Travelling tips: I usually would stock up my medicine before I go anywhere – be it panadol, flu medicines, headache, diarrhea, etc. Just in case if you ever get caught in any illness during your travel.

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