Let the 34 hours journey begin: Abu Dhabi to Chicago bound

We board for journey number 2. – Abu Dhabi to Chicago. That is another 14 hours flight. This time I didn’t walk over to my husband as I was asleep most of the time. I fell asleep before they serve my main course! Flight was smooth, the seats were comfortable as it can be reclined to let you sleep better. The only sad back was on the toiletries. MAS was waaaayyyy better with toiletries (at least MAS gave Tumi toiletries bag). Here’s the Etihad 777 on Business, the good food but the ugly toiletries bag (center picture)

Etihad - Chicago Watermark

We arrived Chicago at 3.25pm. We had 2 hours of layover which is more than enough to get you from one terminal to another terminal (we had to change terminal as we arrived at the International Terminal and took the train to the Domestic Terminal). We didn’t have to worry about our luggage as they will arrive with us in Las Vegas. So we head straight to the gate, had lunch at McDonald’s and was ready to board the last and final leg! Las Vegas via American Airlines.


The flight was full! My husband and I had to split and sat on different rows. I had the seat with only 2 people whereby my husband was sitting with the ones with 3 in a row. The flight looked old! Like extremely old! I could remember seeing this during the 80’s! And I felt that the flight took very long to reach to my destination. Maybe I was already tired of flying for the day. *Sorry.. No pictures on AA, it was already dark and as usual, I slept throughout the whole journey.

We arrived Las Vegas at 9.20pm. Our bags reached quite fast too. We just can’t wait to get to the hotel so we got in a taxi which took about 15 minutes of journey with a fee of $23 with tax but without tips. Mind you – here if you take a taxi, they expect you to give them tips. If you don’t, they will ask you why you didn’t give them any tips. So be prepared to pay extra.

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