My birthday celebration: June 2014


Sneak peak

Last week was my husband’s birthday. This week is MY birthday! Woot! Woot!! So Mr. Husband decided to have a birthday getaway for me today till Sunday (well for US actually since both of our birthdays fall in June).

Flight tickets? Checked!
Resort booking? Checked!

Will update you more!

Food Around Me: Sunday Brunch, THIRTY8 Grand Hyatt KL

It was a birthday lunch surprise for my husband last Sunday since his birthday falls a day before which was on 14th June. We couldn’t celebrate on Saturday as we had to attend my cousin’s wedding.

He didn’t know exactly where the venue was until we reached Grand Hyatt, KL. Still, he didn’t know exactly which restaurant as we have not been to Grand Hyatt before this. Grand Hyatt, KL is situated next to the KL Convention Centre and a walking distance to the Suria KLCC (through KL Convention Centre) and Pavillion Shopping Centre via the covered bridge.

We reached the Ground Floor lobby with nice and calm ambiance. Loved the interior design. We got up the lift to the Sky Lobby as the check-in counters are on the top floor as opposed to the norm Ground Floor. I find that the Sky Lobby to be abit crowded during the check-in time though.


Ground Lobby & Sky Lobby

We got to THIRTY8 restaurant which is 1 floor below the Sky Lobby at 12 noon. I was happy that my request has been attend to  – that is to get the seat with the view of the KL Twin Tower. *Bliss* This restaurant offers a 360 degrees view of the whole Kuala Lumpur.

Us with the view of KL

Us with the view of KL

The birthday boy with Petronas Twin Towers view

We are also assigned with a specific waiter. Luckly we got a cute and handsome one! Frankly speaking, he looks abit like Cristiano Rolando when he smiles. *Melts*He took care of our table – prompt in clearing off our plates and folded our napkins whenever we leave our table for next serving.

THIRTY8 offers cuisines like Japanese, Western and Chinese with lovely dessert corner for those sweet tooth lovers.

The Japanese station offers fresh cut sashimi like salmon, octopus, tuna and various sushi. There is also steamed peas and cold soba (which is a my fav!!). The Western station offers roast beef, fried fish and pies which is deeelicious. There is also a section on oysters, clams, tiger prawns that are fresh to eat! As for the Chinese station, there are fresh ingredients that you would pick to your liking and they chefs will cook for you however you want them to cook. Some chefs would roam around the restaurant to your tables and offer their latest creations for you to have a go at it.


Fresh oysters, prawns and many more!


Japanese section – itadakimas


Chinese cuisines


Dessert section


Dessert section


Dessert section


Fresh fruits

View from top

Glimpse of the buffet table from the lobby floor

There is also kids corner where they can have fun in designing their very own cookie decorations.

Kids have have a go at designing their own cookie topings

Kids have have a go at designing their own cookie topings

The price is RM190++ for Adults and RM95 for kids. This price is inclusive of unlimited chilled juices, homemade lemonade, lychee iced tea and a healthy juice station.
Mineral water is charged RM22 per 750ml bottle.

Well I hope my husband enjoyed the lunch ‘on the sky’ with the fabulous view of the KL Twin Towers.

 THIRTY8 Restaurant @ Grand Hyatt KL
Sky Lobby, then to Level 38
No. 12, Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: Every Sunday

Every Sunday: 12:00 – 03:0pm

Telephone: +60 3 2182 1234




Dyson Handheld DC61

The way to deal with having furry pets at home is to have a vacuum! My husband suggested me to have a go at Dyson. Coincidentally, Dyson at Harvey Norman, Ikano Power Center (IPC) offered promotional price plus you get to pick an envelope that will reveal other goodies you might be in luck with. So we went there to have a look for the handheld vacuums as we have the big vacuums already in the house.

This handheld vacuum is light to hold and easy to handle. DC61 comes with:

  • Extra tools – for cleaning hard to reach places;
  • 2 years warranty – including parts and labor but in Harvey Norman, you can extend another 3 years for a minimal fee);
  • 20 minutes of powerful suction;
  • Boost Mode – 6 minutes to increase suction power for more difficult tasks ( I hardly use this);
  • Charging cable – charging time will take about 6 hours; and
  • Manual

Why is Dyson different from other brands:

  • Captures more dirt than any other cyclone technology
    I find this true and tested myself. The suction is more efficient as compared to the normal conventional vacuum cleaners. It captures more dirt only at 1 go.No extra cost
  • No extra cost
    Because other machines are still designed to need replacement bags and filters – which can result to more cost incurred to purchase those bags/filters. Dyson vacuums are bagless and have washable lifetime filters – so there are no extra costs.
  • Built to last
    Tough and durable. They claimed that all Dyson vacuums are made from ABS and polycarbonate – the same material used in riot shields and crash helmets. Every single component is relentlessly tested to survive real life. There’s a video about this test. I dare not test it on my device though.
  • Trap allergens, expels cleaner air
    This is a plus for me as I have sinus and live with my furry-pets. It captures allergens and expels cleaner air. Approved by both the British Allergy Foundation and Service Allergie Suisse.
  • Award winning customer support
    All Dyson handheld vacuums are guaranteed for two years – parts and labour. But if you were to purchase it with Harvey Norman, you can extend the warranty for another 3 years which make up to 5 years of warranty. Once you purchase any Dyson product, you will need to register online in  order to get the warranty to kick-in.

**The specifications are taken from Dyson website.

Personally, the sad back about this vacuum is that it can only last for 20 minutes but the charging time is almost 6 hours!

We ended up buying one for ourselves anyway and we got free gift such as the additional tools that is used to vacuum cars and the envelope revealed that we got 2 USB memory stick.

We need to vacuum the room daily as our cats roam around the room and their fur can be everywhere! So far, we have been using this vacuum daily and it’s good – except for the charging part but other than that, it is all good!

And because we liked this handheld so much, we decided to buy the Dyson DC39 to vacuum our entire house – which means, we need to figure out where and how to get rid of the old vacuums.


Alen Peralda2 Air purifier

Last year I have been scouting to have an air purifier – mainly to help me deal with my sinus and that early of the year,  there was a bad haze going on in Kuala Lumpur. The air quality index last at that time showed readings of 225 (above than 200 is considered as very unhealthy). It was so bad that you are highly encouraged to stay indoors. Some schools were closed because of the high reading.

Photo taken from Air Purifier Reviews HQ

Photo taken from Air Purifier Reviews HQ

So I have been doing research since last year to find one suitable air purifier and came across with Alen Peralda 2 air purifier. After reading the reviews, this one seemed to be the best by far. Alen Peralda 2 with the HEPA air filter, it purifies the air and tested to remove 99.42% of airborne contaminates. Best of all it removes smoke (good for during haze), pollen, pet dander (which is a plus as we have cats in the room), dust mites, molds, bacteria and virus. It claims to remove dust but it doesn’t really suck up the dirt as efficient as I thought.

Alen Purifier box > Top view > Side view

Alen Purifier box > Top view > Side view

Alen Peralda 2 uses air filter that can be replaced and it has a replacement indicator that lets you know when it is time to replace the HEPA air filter in the Peralda air purifier.

Here’s the costing part. I have to warn you that this product is costly – to me la and every 6 months, you are recommended to change your filter. So, that filter will cost you RM499 each. But now, I think they recently signed with Maybank and you can do EZYPay for 1 year by paying the bank on a monthly basis.

My personal opinion, I have no regrets in buying this product. I have been using it on a daily basis and it is the first thing I turn it on whenever I enter my room. I now can sleep soundly without wearing a face mask (previously, I had to wear a mask – if not, I would have extremely bad flu and blocked nose during my sleep). Also I guess the acupuncture does help me to heal my sinus.

The Baby Loft (TBL)

Lot 43, Level G, Publika Shopping Galley
Jalan Dutamas 1, 50480
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Business Hours:
Everyday 11:00am-11:00pm

Telephone: +60 3 6411 6733 (ask for Mr. Kong)




Flu, Sore Throat Remedy

I have not been feeling well lately – sore throat and bad cough. In fact, I think it is the weather because even in office, my colleagues or their family members are not feeling well either. I have been taking Vitamin C for this and yet it is still not cured so I resorted to this:

A home remedy to cure illness like fever, flu, and sore throat that I got from my ex-colleague back in the days.

You will need (for 1 time consumption):-

  • ½ a lemon
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder
  • Honey (I use Manuka Honey from SweetMeadows, New Zealand)

Lemon – Cinnamon Powder – Honey


Simple steps:-

  1. Squeeze the ½ lemon (take out the seeds)
  2. Add in a pinch of cinnamon powder
  3. Add honey as much as you like. I usually put in 3 tablespoons of Manuka honey.
  4. Drink it up! (Do not add water)

They claimed that lemon contains high Vitamin Cs and cinnamon powder will cure your throat. Repeat at least twice a day and hopefully, you will be all good.

Disclaimer: This post is to provide information on possible general health remedy. This information should not replace professional advice by a qualified medical or herbal practitioner. If you have or suspect you may have health conditions, you should consult professional medical advice.

Food Around Me: Lakse for breakfast

Let me introduce you to Malaysian food that you cannot find anywhere except in Malaysia. Originally the food is from Kelantan which is north-east of Peninsular Malaysia. It is called Lakse for the Kelantanese (pronounce as Luck-say) or some of the non-Kelantanese would call it Laksam (pronounce as Luck-some). My family would eat Lakse for breakfast. Am not sure if other people would eat Lakse other than breakfast though – maybe some would eat it for dinner I guess.



Lakse - up close

Lakse – up close

Lakse is made with very thick flat white rice flour noodles. Soaked in a rich, full-bodied white gravy of boiled fish  flesh and coconut milk. It is then garnished with raw vegetables like shredded cabbage, cucumber, bean sprout and long beans. To add the some adventure, we normally have it with blended red cili padi (translation: Bird’s eye chili) to add in the spiciness. Traditionally Laksa is eaten with hands rather than with eating utensils.

A must try in Malaysia!

Food Around Me: Ozeki Tokyo, Menara TA

Japanese food craving kicks in again! So we head to Menara TA at Jalan P Ramlee. Was disappointed when we arrived to see that the restaurant is closed until end of June for the renovation works =( But I am going to write a review anyway from my previous visit.

If you ask me, comparing Ozeki Tokyo with Sushi Zanmai – which one would I prefer? I would choose Ozeki! It is authentic Japanese restaurant and the food is just….. indescribable! But pricing wise, it is slightly higher if you were to compare with Sushi Zanmai – but who cares! As long as it is delicious and plus it is only once a while.

They are open  daily at certain times only, mainly lunch and dinner.

They have lunch menu that you can choose from. My basic choice would be cold soba with hot fried tempura. It comes with fruits and some other small dishes that goes with the main and salad which you can go craaazzzy with because the dressing is so delicious that you wonder if you could buy it off the counter.

Salad with yummy dressing

Salad with yummy dressing

Cold soba with fried tempura

Cold soba with fried tempura

Hot soba with california rolls

Hot soba with california rolls

My next to do list when I step into this restaurant is to get to know the exact pricing for the lunch meal sets and the food names from the menu! Let’s hope that they open soon after the renovation is completed.

 Ozeki Tokyo Restaurant @ Menara TA One
Menara TA One, Ground Floor
No. 22, Jalan P. Ramlee
Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:

Lunch: 12:30 – 02:30pm
Dinner: 6:20pm – 11:00 pm
(Last order: 10:30pm)

Telephone: +60 3 2166 4263