Flu, Sore Throat Remedy

I have not been feeling well lately – sore throat and bad cough. In fact, I think it is the weather because even in office, my colleagues or their family members are not feeling well either. I have been taking Vitamin C for this and yet it is still not cured so I resorted to this:

A home remedy to cure illness like fever, flu, and sore throat that I got from my ex-colleague back in the days.

You will need (for 1 time consumption):-

  • ½ a lemon
  • A pinch of cinnamon powder
  • Honey (I use Manuka Honey from SweetMeadows, New Zealand)

Lemon – Cinnamon Powder – Honey


Simple steps:-

  1. Squeeze the ½ lemon (take out the seeds)
  2. Add in a pinch of cinnamon powder
  3. Add honey as much as you like. I usually put in 3 tablespoons of Manuka honey.
  4. Drink it up! (Do not add water)

They claimed that lemon contains high Vitamin Cs and cinnamon powder will cure your throat. Repeat at least twice a day and hopefully, you will be all good.

Disclaimer: This post is to provide information on possible general health remedy. This information should not replace professional advice by a qualified medical or herbal practitioner. If you have or suspect you may have health conditions, you should consult professional medical advice.