Early Birthday Celebration @ YTL Tanjong Jara, Dungun

It was an impromptu plan that my husband and I decided to take – which is to celebrate both our birthdays on an island on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. So I quickly browse our flight and found out that as of that day, the cheapest that we could find was via AirAsia.

Next, I was in constant communication with the YTL representative – Suba in asking on the resort’s facilities and I informed them that I wanted to celebrate my husband’s birthday and was wondering if they could do something to make it memorable. So, I made an online reservation to the room that we wanted in Tanjong Jara and we are all set to go!

The day has come – it was Friday, 20th June. We got off from home at 9.00 am to KL Sentral to catch the ERL train to KLIA2 which took us about 33 minutes from KL Sentral to the airport.

The new airport at KLIA2 is HUGE!! It was my first time there after they officially opened on 9th May 2014. The ERL train will stop at the KLIA2 “so called mall” because it does look like huge a mall with proper shops and restaurants,.Then you would walk for about 5 minutes to reach the entrance of the airport. The airport itself is also huge and I like it – compared to LCCT which is really a cargo airport! Since we did our online check-in, we had our boarding pass ready. The only thing to do is to send our luggage at the baggage-drop.

Next, we head to the security checks to go to our boarding gate. The walk took us about 10 minutes or so to our gate. Flight was OK and the flight took us about 50 minutes. We landed in Kuala Terengganu safely just that the landing part needs more practice Mr. Pilot!!

Our luggage was one of the first to arrive at the conveyor belt and we head straight to the taxi counter. The taxi costs us RM110 per trip and the journey from the airport to Tanjong Jara took us approximately 1 hour. I have no complaints about our taxi driver. He was good and quiet throughout the journey which made me decide to engage him to pick us up later on Sunday from Tanjong Jara to the airport.

We were greeted by the Tanjong Jara staffs during our arrival. They then took care of our luggage and we rested on the sofa in the reception area and Mr Tan from the scuba site was already waiting for us to give briefing on what our programs would be like for tomorrow. They then offered some ice-cool refreshing drink since it the weather is hot and Sayuri from the Reception guided us all the way to our room while giving us a tour about the resort. The room that we booked was Serambi (garden) room 1105.

View of our room from the outside - Serambi (Garden)

View of our room from the outside – Serambi (Garden)

View of the bedroom

View of the bedroom

View of the bathroom

View of the bathroom

We settled down for 1 hour then we head to the Nelayan pool where Mr. Tan was waiting for us ready with the air tank and other scuba equipment. We had a pre-scuba course where Mr. Tan taught us on how to use the equipment and the breathing techniques, the do’s and don’t. He was happy with us because we made his job easy (Well, the fact that it is our 3rd Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD)). Our next meeting would be the next day at 8.30am at the lobby.


Come night time, we head to Di Atas Sungei Restaurant which translate to “Restaurant on the river”. We chose Tomyam soup as our appetiser, the mains are steamed red snapper fish and sizzling black pepper beef with white rice and our desserts are Sago gula melaka and Lava cake.

D'Atas Sungei Layout

D’Atas Sungei Layout

Dinner Day 1 Appetizer - Tomyam Soup; Mains - Beef Black Pepper & Steamed Fish; Vege - Beancurd with oyster sauce

Dinner Day 1
Appetizer – Tomyam Soup; Mains – Beef Black Pepper & Steamed Fish; Vege – Beancurd with oyster sauce

While eating, one of the staffs came to our table with a surprise birthday cake!

Our June birthday cake surprise courtesy from Tanjong Jara Resort

Our June birthday cake surprise courtesy from Tanjong Jara Resort

Dinner was good and we were stuffed! We then head back to our room. When we got there, we got another surprise from housekeeping this time. They have specially prepared for us a flowery-bubble bath. I felt blessed! =)

Birthday surprise from housekeeping

Birthday surprise from housekeeping

Goodnight all!




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