YTL Tanjong Jara, Dungun – Day 2

Its day 2 here in Tanjong Jara and we had a good night sleep last night.

Woke up at 7am and we head to Di Atas Sungei Restaurant for breakfast. We sat outside this time to have the morning view of the beach. The breakfast is buffet style which offers Malaysian cuisines such as nasi dagang, nasi goreng, mee sup. Western dishes french toast, egg corner, varieties of corn flakes, fresh cut fruits and yogurt. The best thing here during breakfast is that they serve homemade muffins and croissants fresh from the oven.

Breakfast at D'Atas Nelayan

Breakfast at D’Atas Sungei

Breakfast at D'Atas Sungei

Breakfast at D’Atas Sungei

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread


You can actually choose to have your breakfast at Di Atas Sungei or Nelayan.

At 8.20am, we head to the reception and there we can see Mr. Tan waiting for us. Apparently there’s 1 French guy who is going for open water scuba, 1 family of 4 going for snorkeling and us for discovery scuba diving (“DSD”). The best thing about this Tenggol Island trip is that the resort will bring with them a representative for us. Meaning, 1 resort staff that will accompany the French guy, 1 resort staff that to accompany the family of 4 and we have Mr. Tan that will be with us during our DSD. They also will bring along with them our very own chef that will cook and prepare lunch for us at the Island. First-class service!

By 9.00am, we reached the jetty and there we could see the resort staff all ready to board us in the private boat to Tenggol Island that will take approximately about 40 minutes. Boat ride was ok – the sea was not so choppy. Once we reached the Island, we had our coffee/tea break before we dip in the seawater for snorkelling.



The view was just breathtaking! Just by looking at how calm the fishes swim made me so comfortable in the water.

By noon, we head back our temporary hunt for lunch and networking with the family of 4 and the French guy. We exchange our experience during the snorkeling session and it was exciting.

At 1.30pm, we head back to the boat and start our DSD. We managed to see all sorts of fishes, starfish and lion fish! Too bad we didn’t get to see the turtles =( We did go down up to 12 meters deep!



By 3.30pm, it was time to go back to the resort. During the journey back home, both my husband and I was so exhausted that both of us slept all the way to the jetty.

We rest for a while by dipping ourselves in the pool once we reached Tanjong Jara Resort and at 5.00pm there was Kampung where it showcase all the traditional games that back in the 70’s usually play, the music that was played and the ape that helped us to get the fresh young coconuts. This Kampung something is only available every Saturdays from 5pm to 6pm.  A good experience for the foreigners and the youngsters to experience the Kampung life.

Time flies extremely fast when you are here in Tanjong Jara! We got back to our room to wash up and here again the housekeeping prepared for us the flowery-bubble-bath again! It was really nice of them. Then by 8.00pm, it was already dinner time and this was what we had for dinner.

  • Appetizers – Tomyam
  • Mains – Butter prawn and steamed seabass
  • Dessers – Lava cake and banana fritters



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