Cats: My love for cats

Yesterday I went to accompany my husband to run some errants. While waiting, I saw a stray kitten that is in a playful mode. He would play literally anything that moves. i.e. dried leaves, and strings.

I went near him and noticed that he was quite thin and dirty but didn’t look sick to me maybe because he was playful. I offered him some of my mineral water but he didn’t seem to be thirsty. Then I was determined to feed him. So I walked passed a few shops to see if they sell any cat food around. Sadly they don’t. =( But I saw a Mamak stall and bought a fried fish.

stray 1-1 Stray2

I came back to the kitten and fed him. He ate them and after he was full, he was gracefully licking his face and at the end, he put his paws on to my lap and looked at me – maybe a sign from him to say thank you and he left.

Just a simple gesture that really made my day.

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