Cats: Miko and Loki

Its time to write about my Mr. Hubster’s 2 cats. I mentioned before during my introduction to my blog that my husband’s cats now live with us. They both now are nearing to 2 years old – can i say the Terrible-Two? =)
Meet the brothers:

1. Miko



2. Loki



And this is them together – inseparable



  • They would wake us up early in the morning by running over us on the bed- a sign to feed them.
  • Follow us to the toilet and just guard us while we take a shower or even brushing our teeth
  • Greet us whenever we come back from work
  • Sleep with us on the bed. Imagine 2 humans and 2 feline on a queen bed can be kinda cramp.
  • Claiming their entitlement to go out (they can only do so during weekends – funny thing is, they KNOW when it is a weekend)
  • They do brighten up our lives even when we are stressed up with stuff.

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