Property Hunting

Every weekend, we have been busy scouting for a new place to stay. Ideally I would prefer it to be a landed property but it must come with certain criteria.
1. It must be gated and guarded – for safety reasons. I have been mugged back in my Uni days right in front of my home. That tragedy scarred me for life!
2. It must be located in the city – for easy access for work. I really don’t like having to drive more than 45 minutes to work.
3. Best if it is near LRT so that as an alternative, I can commute via train to work.

However, having those conditions above comes with high costs. You can barely find a property as such that’s affordable. You must be a earning lots of $$ to afford those kind of property. Hence, we came up with another option which is a condominiums.

We know nuts about condominiums as we have never stayed in one. But there’s plenty of options to choose from as most of the condominiums are located in the city. Basically we went to scout these places:

Liberty at iCity

Liberty, iCity Shah Alam

Liberty, iCity Shah Alam

– New area at iCity, Shah Alam itself. They are planning to do a new township there with offices, hotels, shopping mall and because there is existing theme park which I find it dull and barely surviving.
– They claimed to be closed to the proposed LRT but looking at their drawing and since the LRT is near to the shopping mall, it would be quite a walk from the apartment to the proposed LRT.
– It is sold as fully furnished but the furnitures that they offer for Liberty is seriously ugly!
– Sizes ranging from 466sq ft to 769sq ft and duplex at 725sq ft
– Freehold
– For investment, maybe that would be OK as you can still attract students from UiTM to stay (if they can afford to pay premium price for rental). If own stay, I wouldn’t suggest so.

Update: The after sales service sucks BIG TIME! Avoid this property if you can
(To the developer, I hope you are reading this!)

Infiniti3, Sri Rampai

Infiniti3 Residence

Infiniti3 Residence

– Walking distance about 750m to LRT Sri Rampai (which is a plus)
– There’s 3 towers.
– Facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, futsal court (that’s the first time I heard they offer futsal)
– Sizes ranging from 1085sq ft and 1518sq ft
– Leasehold
– Very tempting to buy a unit but when I got to know that the developer was from Setapak Developer, I went like… Hermmmmm….. These are the people who did Villa Wangsamas. Alot of problems with Villa Wangsamas but although they have rectified it, still… Hermmm…..

Nadayu63, Taman Melawati

Nadayu 63

Nadayu 63

– Its close to 3km drive from the main intersection coming into Taman Melawati from MRR2
– The concept of serviced-residence which means that at the ground level, there would be  a mini-shopping mall that would be an ease for those people who wants to do grocery shoppping.
– Leasehold
– Sizes ranging from 562 sq ft to 1,144 sq. ft.
– Standard facilities like swimming pool with cabana, sky lounge, garden, gym room, playground, nursery room, function room, and surau
– There’s a 3-storey sky lounge overlooking the breath-taking view of the Melawati ridge
– We were quite interested at a unit at Level 19 which is next to the 3 storey sky lounge as there will be only 2 units only at that side for level 19 which makes it exclusive.

Wangsa9, Wangsa Maju



– There were no advertisement about this property. We only noticed it at the holding when we passed-by Wangsa Walk and decided to venture further about this property
– Developer is MitraJaya Homes that built Kiara 9 at Mont Kiara
– There will be 3 towers, out of which 2 towers with 38 storeys and 1 tower with 48 storeys
– Right opposite Wangsa Walk and it is only 150m walk to Sri Rampai LRT Station (a BIG BIG plus)
– Sizes ranging from 1033 sq. ft. to 2336 sq. ft. And the biggest unit would have 2 private lifts to access the unit.
– Leasehold
– Facilities such as 2 swimming pools with floating cabana, sky lounge, garden, 2 gym rooms, kids play area, surau, nursery room, tennis court, basketball + futsal court, skating arena and surau at level 7
– Provide 2 – 3 car park bays depending on the units taken
– We immediately fall in love with this property and… decided to have a go! Booking done! =) Bismillah
– Expected completion year 2019 or sooner.

Update: The staff for Wangsa9 are extremely helpful and very pro-active. Kudos to Sara! You have helped us a lot in managing our expectations and handling the bank loan representatives for us. Many thanks! 

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