MyTeksi App – used for the first time

I’ve downloaded MyTeksi application on my phone for quite some time ago. Only just recently I began to use the app for the first time and am quite impressed.

I have a 2 hours lunch break on Fridays to give way for the Muslim men to perform their Friday Prayers. Usually at this time, I would start to think where to go during my Friday lunch time. So I decided to go to Gardens MidValley for my facial at Beaute Library. Driving there from KL Sentral is not a good option as you will be wasting time at the basement carpark to find a spot for your car. So I opted to go there via taxi. Its pretty easy to get a cab from KL Sentral. My only problem is to go back from MidValley to KL Sentral.

Normally the que to get a taxi at MidValley is looooonnnggg during lunch hours. The fact that I’m doing my facial, my 2 hours lunch time only ngam ngam for me to get back to my office on-time. So once I was done with my facial, I immediately logged into MyTeksi App to get a cab back to office. Within minutes, the app informed me that there is a cab for me with the Taxi’s number plate, driver’s name and an estimate cost of my journey. Not long after that, the taxi driver called my mobile telling me that he is nearby. Good service ey!

Which made me think. This is good for tourists in Malaysia. At least when you use this app, it tells you the estimated cost for your journey. Normally, I read in the news that tourist get conned by taxi drivers by quoting extremely ridiculous high price (and some refuse to use the meter) whenever they hail a taxi by the roadside.

If you use this app and lets say the taxi driver still con you (touch wood that you dont), you can easily report the matter to the authorities as you already have the taxi’s number plate, driver’s name and driver’s mobile number.

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