Sleep tight my dearest Wally

With an extremly heavy hearted, we bid farewell to our beloved family member – Sully Wally. I remembered very well that at 7.30pm today (16 March 2015), I was feeding him with wetfood which he ate and once he was done, he left (which is normal). But not long after, we found him laying still at our housing compound at 8.15pm today, motionless. We went to him and found some marks on both his legs and bloodstains from his mouth. He was still soft and it could have recently happened. I quickly made a call to our vet only to realised that they were overseas attending a training. But Ann (the vet nurse) sent out a text message was concerned and asked if there were anything wrong. I told her the situation, sent her photos of Wally and asked if there were any vet-clinics that were still open at that hour. She suggested to go to the Animal Medical Centre at Jalan Tun Razak.

Without any delay, I went with Wally accompanied by my hubster and sister, Aida. When we reached there, the nurse saw my puffy eyes and looked down on Wally. She took Wally and immediately passed to the Doctor. The doctor tried to hear any heartbeat. He even tried to revive Wally but after a while, he apologised to say that Wally was gone. The doctor had a look at the cuts on Wally’s legs and he said that Wally may be hit by a car. When he examined Wally’s face, the slimy blood that was still in Wally’s tongue indicated that Wally may had an internal injury. Hearing all that, I wished it was just a dream and to wake up, Wally would be there alive but I just have to accept the fact that Wally is finally gone.

To my dearest Wally, you will always be special to us – some say your breed, a maine coon as a gentle giant and you definitely are a gentle giant. You’ve always been ever so gentle to kids, warm at heart with us. A cat version of ‘Hachiko’ who always kept Athira company whenever she starts to do her homework or revision at the study table.

Close to 15 years that you were with us. It was a gift from the Al-Mighty. You brightened our family. You gave us the smiles. You would normally lepak near us whenever we performed our prayers berjemaah. We showered you will plenty of love and care. We would ensure that you were in the bedroom and would carry to up whenever we wanted to go to sleep. You seemed to know the time because when it is past 7pm, you would demand for your wetfood.

What dad said made me think for a while. He mentioned that Wally was a lucky cat. He never give us any problem. The way he left us was also easy. Easy in the sense of he did not suffer long. In fact it was extremely quick. He was clean when he passed away. He was not ill. No other scars except for his legs which looked like his skin got scraped and despite he got hit by a car, he still took the effort to come back home and managed to lay inside the housing compound. Like how human beings are like especially the old people, whenever they know it is their time to go, he/she would request to be back home rather than to stay in hospital. Which was how I can relate why Wally took the effort to be home after he got hit.

Tomorrow morning, dad will help us perform the burial. He will be with us at the housing compound.

Life is tough now – for everyone! but I know it is temporary. Writing this on the blog is also not easy but I just had to do it. I need this to be up so that as years down the road, I would be able to read this back.

So for Wally – We’ll miss you very very much and we won’t forget you ever! Love you so much.

Innalilahi wainna ilaihi rojiun.

Destressing on a Sunday

Things have not been a smooth lately. In fact many things happened as a start of 2015. Dad was hospitalised on the second week of January. He had a mild heart attack which resulted him to undergo angioplasty. He is now with 3 stents in his arteries. 

My maid which we employed in August 2014 decided to ran away. She did it like a pro! Ran away on a Sunday evening by just casually walking out past the guardhouse. What goes around comes around. I hope she gets punished one day. 

So yeah, with what has happened, things are not so good. Not sure with the rest of the family but I felt it. To keep my mind out of this mess, I try to occupy myself by doing spring cleaning. I just spent like 4 hours cleaning up my room and I felt good about it. But once I was done cleaning, my mind felt gloomy again. Sigh! 

I decided to take the car keys and drove to the shopping mall to get my naila done. It has been awhile since I pamper myself. So thats what I did…

Im praying hard that things will get better soon.. For all of us 

Zara: Playtime at 12.30midnight!

It has been a quiet and easy Saturday for me. Did the norm – cleaned up the house, did the laundry and chilling while watching the TV. Surprisingly, there were no interesting channels on a Saturday. Boooorriinggg! So I fell asleep and by 10pm I was wide awake.

Apparently, Zara was still up and hyper at 11pm to the point her mom called me to entertain her. So I did. She can’t talk by the way. So most of the time, it is a guessing game as to what she wants by observing her actions / movements. I managed to figure out that she wants to go down since she was pointing to the door. Siigghhh! Everyone is already asleep and she wants to go down and play?!? Fiiinnneee…. I took her down to the living room and placed her near her toys. She pointed out to the door (as if she wants to go outside). I was like… Oh-uh! No, we’re not going out at this time. So I tried to distract her with her toys until she saw the bubble bottles and insisted I blow the bubbles for her.

She is smart!!! She knows that we need to go out to play the bubbles. I didn’t budge though. No way I am going out to blow bubbles at midnight! So I selambe played bubbles in the living room! Hah! My heart melts when she got so excited seeing bubbles flying around. She didn’t run for it though, she just sat on my lap and watched how the bubbles just floats away. I was doing it for 30 minutes and decided to trick her by yawning and asked her “Lets go to sleep? Goodnight?”. She nodded and did her flying kiss. (that’s her way of saying goodnight or goodbyes). Thank God!

So yeah.. first time ever to play bubbles in the middle of the night. Now, little Ms. Zara is  fast asleep. Goodnight sayang