Destressing on a Sunday

Things have not been a smooth lately. In fact many things happened as a start of 2015. Dad was hospitalised on the second week of January. He had a mild heart attack which resulted him to undergo angioplasty. He is now with 3 stents in his arteries. 

My maid which we employed in August 2014 decided to ran away. She did it like a pro! Ran away on a Sunday evening by just casually walking out past the guardhouse. What goes around comes around. I hope she gets punished one day. 

So yeah, with what has happened, things are not so good. Not sure with the rest of the family but I felt it. To keep my mind out of this mess, I try to occupy myself by doing spring cleaning. I just spent like 4 hours cleaning up my room and I felt good about it. But once I was done cleaning, my mind felt gloomy again. Sigh! 

I decided to take the car keys and drove to the shopping mall to get my naila done. It has been awhile since I pamper myself. So thats what I did…

Im praying hard that things will get better soon.. For all of us 

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