Get well soon Miko

Miko wasn’t feeling very well the past few days. Last Monday night (4th May) , we noticed that he’d been vomiting a few hours after he had his food. Since it was 9pm, we decided to bring Miko to the 24hours Animal Hospital at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. We waited quite long for our turn despite that there were only 2 people that the doctor had to attend to.

After about 30 minutes of waiting, it was Miko’s turn. We explained to the doctor what happened – that Miko vomited whenever he ate his biscuits to the point there were nothing else left to vomit. So the vet gave him 3 injections – vit B, something to stop the vomiting and antibiotics. We brought him home and observe.

2 days after that, Miko still vomits and refused to eat or drink. So my husband and I decided to bring Miko to the vet that I usually go to – TTDI Vet. It was already 10pm at that time, but I texted Ann (Vet Nurse) and she insisted that we send Miko straight away. Although it was 10pm and the vet usually closes at 8pm, but Ann and Dr. Clement was willing to wait for us.

To cut the story short, we left Miko there for Dr. Clement to observe and he said that he will take blood samples in the morning to know the reason why Miko was acting like so.

Thursday came and we were informed that Miko’s results didn’t turn out good. His urine was not in the normal range and reason to it was he was not eating for quite some time. So the doctor suggests us to force feed Miko, gave us some pills for him and observe the progress.

On Sunday and Miko was still the same. It was quite heart-broken to see him that way knowing that he would be the one to greet us and manja-manja with us during weekends. Again, the clinic closes on Sundays but because I texted Ann and informed her the progress, the doctor suggested to bring Miko to him.

We left Miko at the clinic – he is on drips now. I really hope that he recovers soon! =(

Thursday. 14th May 2015
We got a call from the vet that Miko can be discharged (after 3 days on drips). So hubster went and picked Miko up after work. We have to force feed him though but luckily he did not reject. Slowly but surely.. The doctor said to continue force feed him. One day he will eat on his own.

Sunday, 17th May 2015
Miko is eating his wetfood on his own!!!! We’re soooooo happy! He even came to us whenever we were about to open his can food – means he is now interested to eat! Alhamdulillah….

Lunch at Chequers

We went to Chequers nearby the TTDI Vetenery Clinic after we check on Miko. We had “I am Hungry” section in the menu and it was Moo Moo which is a savoury waffle with sirloin beef patty, cheddar, slaw, relish, beef bacon, berries barbecue sauce and it.. was.. yummy!


Moo Moo

Drinks we had root-beer float and James’ Paradise – fresh mint, hint of lemon-grass and lime) and strawberry milkshake.


Rootbear – James’ Paradise

My view on the drinks? Nothing to shout for really. It was just an OK for me.

The ambiance was nice and cozy but I didn’t snap any photo of the restaurant. Maybe I was too hungry :p


Welcoming Louie

It was an extremely tough time for the past 2 months without Wally. We all felt the emptiness and affected the usual routines that we normally do when Wally was around. Everyone got hit hard especially Mom. She took the longest time to recover (I was not that far behind either). She even expressed to have another cat – to fill the emptiness in the house.

Aimi and I tried to scout for kittens & cats. Dad’s requirement was he doesn’t want us to buy a cat but rather to adopt cats for free. So we’ve been looking high and low taking our time and ensured that we did not rush to get one when all of a sudden – last Monday, we got a news from Athira (my youngest sister) that her group of friends gave her a kitten (10 weeks old) as her birthday present. We gave some thought and everybody were in the same page to welcome this kitten as a new member of the family.


Meet Louie! (Zara calls him Wee-Wee!) A cross breed of semi-flat face persian & flat-face persian. Today is day-2 and he has been adjusting very well. He is very easy-going, no big fuss, knows where his toilets are, his bed (he knows how to claim the whole bed!), friendly to people, knows how to share his toys with little Ms. Zara and to date, I have yet to hear him ‘meow’. To the point where, Aida asked whether he is mute! hahahahaha! Athira have heard him meowed before though.

Louie being very well behaved somehow just made me think – maybe Wally is giving him guidance and directions from ‘above’. But that is just me…. thinking.

Welcome home, Louie!

Family Time – Melaka Trip

Last week was some loooonngg extended weekend with Labour Day which falls on a Friday and Wesak on a Sunday which was replaced on a Monday. Suweeeet!

So dad had an idea – to go to Melaka with the whole jingbangs! That would be 10 of us plus 1 toddler. But Ajat had to work so that makes us 9 adults plus 1 toddler. So on Saturday, we went there with 3 cars and reached Melaka at 9.30am. I googled for a place for breakfast and came across with Hassan’s Mee Goreng. We reached at the place at 10am only to be turned down. Aparently they already ran out of food! That was only 10am!!!!

So we head to the next venue which was Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball. Because we went there early, there were still ample of seats. So brunch it is…


Chicken Rice Ball


Chicken Rice Ball

Then we went to Klebang Coconut Shake that most people talk about. Queued for 50 minutes under the hot sun!


Klebang Coconut Shake que


Klebang Coconut Shake

My view?? Its nothing to shout about. I wouldn’t queue so long for this. It was just an OK for me.

After that we ‘checked-in’ into our homestay. Very nice and clean. There was a tennis table in the house!



For dinner, we had Sg Duyong Seafood and it was only 7.30pm but when we reached there, there were a long line with people queuing. What’s up with Melaka and people eating at the same places?!?!

Luckly earlier before we left the house, my husband called up the place and asking if we could make reservation which he replied to just walk in and look for the guy when we reached there.

Lucky indeed…!! We managed to get a seat before everybody else. Phew! Food was surprisingly good.


Sg Duyong Seafood

The next day, we head to Jonker Street to Café 1511. Again, nothing to shout for. Food was ok but I love the lime juice. It was refreshing!



Cafe 1511


After that, we head for desserts at Nadeje, Mahkota Parade before we head home



Nadeje Mahkota Parade