Welcoming Louie

It was an extremely tough time for the past 2 months without Wally. We all felt the emptiness and affected the usual routines that we normally do when Wally was around. Everyone got hit hard especially Mom. She took the longest time to recover (I was not that far behind either). She even expressed to have another cat – to fill the emptiness in the house.

Aimi and I tried to scout for kittens & cats. Dad’s requirement was he doesn’t want us to buy a cat but rather to adopt cats for free. So we’ve been looking high and low taking our time and ensured that we did not rush to get one when all of a sudden – last Monday, we got a news from Athira (my youngest sister) that her group of friends gave her a kitten (10 weeks old) as her birthday present. We gave some thought and everybody were in the same page to welcome this kitten as a new member of the family.


Meet Louie! (Zara calls him Wee-Wee!) A cross breed of semi-flat face persian & flat-face persian. Today is day-2 and he has been adjusting very well. He is very easy-going, no big fuss, knows where his toilets are, his bed (he knows how to claim the whole bed!), friendly to people, knows how to share his toys with little Ms. Zara and to date, I have yet to hear him ‘meow’. To the point where, Aida asked whether he is mute! hahahahaha! Athira have heard him meowed before though.

Louie being very well behaved somehow just made me think – maybe Wally is giving him guidance and directions from ‘above’. But that is just me…. thinking.

Welcome home, Louie!

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