Its been a while since my last update on Louie a.k.a WeeWee. He is 8 months old now. He has been extremely well behaved cat, I would say. Still very quiet and only “meows” softly when we prepare his favourite wetfood which he knows how to claim everyday at 7.30pm.

He is very clingy. Clingy in a sense that he wants to join the crowd. Say for example, the whole family is chilling in the living room, WeeWee won’t roam far from us even with our sliding doors wide open – he won’t go far and usually we would be able to see his whereabout.

And when we wanted to go to bed, he would just follow us up behind us to ‘his room’. He wont go to bed after that but he is comfortable to play in the room before he goes to bed.

The other day, we caught some fleas on him. Eeewww! Not quite sure where he got it from but immediately I went out to buy the flea meds for him. The vet suggest one very effective but quite pricy flea drop which is Revolution. The meds to me is quite strong as you would only need 1 small tube that can last for ages! So far it has been 2 months since we last put the drop on him and no fleas yet as of now.


Help!! We caught a big hairy rodent! Tehehehe!  WeeWee just loved the attention. We love him to bits!


Thats the update on WeeWee for now! Nitey nite nite!


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