GoKart Night outs

We’ve been planning since end of last year to do a divisional gokart race but never seem to get a chance. 

Finally last Thursday, we managed to conduct one at USJ Kartx. We all left the office at about 6pm but at that time it was all dark clouds and rain started to pour. By the time we arrived USJ at 7.30pm, the dark clouds seemed to have followed us but Alhamdulillah, not a single rain drop during our race. 

It was just us at the race track so that was good. We had the 10 minutes qualifying round and 10 laps of race. That was RM100 per person. 

Best time – Qualifying round

Actual race position

Finals – our no. 1, 2 and 3

Best time – final

All in all, we had fun. I think there’s going to be another one – this time, we try it in the morning! 😎