Intercompany game

It’s that time of year when we tend to have intercompany games. We get emails flying out every week to either to scout for people to fill up certain sports or reminders on the training. There are sports like:

– Futsal (for the guys. There were for ladies last year but the take up rate this year was low so they decided to only open up to the gents)

– Volleyball

– Netball 

– Bowling

– Badminton

– Basketball

– Ping Pong

– Dodgeball (new sport for this year and it was to replace the futsal for Ladies)

– Darts

I am joining bowling and netball as GS – no stamina to run so I’d rather be in the D section. We hired a coach to train us – not to win but to make us better than last year. At least probably to be more organised, have ‘chemistry’ with other players, and polishing up any netball skills. So the month of August is the month where everyone will be hyped up to get better in sports! We shall see what’s the progress. =)

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