Bowling tourney

So its here! The day has come for everyone to show off and show their talents!

We played at Wangsa Walk. Lane was nice, clean and looks newly-renovated. Minimal delays in terms of lane problem. 

By the time I reached there, I quickly looked at the team arrangement. They assigned 1 representative to a team – so that we mingle. I got placed next to the guy’s lane (hemph!) AND…… they assigned me to the best players that kick-ass last year. DAMMIT! There goes my confidence. These people are really good. They can be quite intimidating (well thats how I see it), when they come in with their own ball and all sorts of gadgets looking like a pro. I just had to talk to myself and motivate to boost up my confidence. I do sometimes go to my colleagues just to get confort – teehee! 

The players from other company that I had to compete with

Then my biggest supporter came….. its Mr Hubster! Awwww…. 

In the end, we got 2nd overall. I got 4th in ladies placing overall but 1st placing within my company. So that was ok. Could have been better. Will train more next time! 

We got second ya’ll

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