Netball Accident

We had our last training with our netball coach yesterday so coach decided to do a friendly with Maxis since we have been playing or rather training among ourselves. I guess Coach felt that it’s time to see how we play against other teams. 

We were actually having fun – well I was. Its really good to see how our team now able to play as a TEAM. Love you guys!!! We are more structured, we managed to get the ball when passed – no more buttery fingers. So yaay!!

Not so sure if we were leading at that point but I think we were. Hahaha. So, then came 2nd half and the ball was coming to me and all I could remember that there were people near me and before I could catch the ball, I felt a sharp pain on my right ankle. Owh-uh I thought. This cannot happen today! Not when there’s a game next week!!!! 

I couldn’t move my leg but at that time everyone was around me giving a helping hand. Someone even came with ice immediately so that helped alot! After about 2 minutes in the court, I decided to sit at the side and let the game continue. The moment I wanted to stand, I couldn’t put my right feet on the ground!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO! What actually happened to my ankle? It felt like a sprain ankle.. so lets just brush it off.. Fuuh! 

Went back home but slowly I had to drive using my left foot instead coz I couldn’t bear the pain to push the accelerator. 

Mr Hubster then continued to ice my feet.. it had swollen bigger now. Huhuhu..

Its Merdeka today.. specialist doctors would be off sooo…… I just had to bear with it for today. Can’t walk now, I have to crawl my way around the house. Little Zara thinks that I’m playing cats with her so she joined me to crawl with sound effects “Meow! Meow!”. 😅


Will need to wait till tomorrow to see the specialist. Wish me luck!  

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