First OT experience

Today is THE DAY. It was 7am on a Friday morning. Mr Hubster and I slowly made our way to the hospital with smooth traffic (took us 20 minutes to reach there – suberb!). Headed to Level 2 to register for admission. At this point, I was nervous but the nurses were very nice and helpful. They gave me the robe and asked me the change. My room is super huge for a hospital. There’s 2 section, 1 is the living room and another section is the bed and toilet is also super huge! Can fit about 10-12 people at a time in the toilet. 

So the doctor came at 7.30am and prepared for OT. The anest doctor came to insert the cannula but I requested for the gas instead. So they wheeled my bed into the OT. First time in the OT – its cold and all spotless clean! The doctor saw that I was observing then he goes “its going to be all right” while tapping on my shoulder. They then transfered from my bed to the OT table and came the anest doctor from behind and put on the green colored mask with an undescribable smell.  By using a breathing mask, I can just breathe to sleep. This approach helps ease some anxiety about needles and the overall procedure or surgery which is soo me! I wanted to test, after 3 breaths – I was knocked out! 30 minutes later, the anest doctor woke me up – Alhamdulillah its all done now. Apparently the doctor had to drain out about 2.5ml of blood out from my cartilage coz it is not normal to have traces of blood there and if it were kept in there, it can be toxic! Luckily I got knocked out coz I surely dont want to see the whole procedure! 😨

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