Delayed recovery?

I have been going for physio without miss every week. Yesterday, my feet was sore throughout the whole day which was abit weird coz it never happened this way before. 

I’ve only started using the gym 2 days ago at the physio centre and it was all right. 

Anyway, went for my physio session today and when they were doing the ultrasound, I felt pain – again its weird coz I’ve never felt any discomfort by doing ultrasound before. They did comment that my ankle was swollen bigger than 2 days ago. What’s happening to me?!?! 😱

The doctor came to inspect. He explained that its rare for him to jab his patients with the Hyalgan gel twice and I told the doctor to give me some time and I can assure you that my leg will heal! No way I want to endure the whole jab in the feet again!

So, today they put me on this….. 👇🏻

Felt like Dato’ Lee Chong Wei all of a sudden 😝

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