First trip for the year 2017


Earlier this year, I suggested to my Husband that it is time for us to perform our Umrah since we have been going around the world (well sort of..) together after getting married except for one which was Umrah. He agreed and we immediately scout for travel agents. We’ve been to Andalusia and Rayhar. Andalusia was full for Feb and there were only a few seats left for end of Feb with Rayhar so we decided to go for Rayhar instead. Never been with Rayhar before and neither did my parents. So, its the first for everyone of us.

The date we chose was 20 Feb 2017 – 03 Mar 2017. This package flies to Mekkah via Jeddah first then only we fly back to KL from Medinah.

Paid all the necessary and went to one briefing at KLCC mosque and another final briefing on the actual flight details and itinerary 2 weeks before the flight. We got to know that there were slight changes to our program since Jeddah airport is under construction to cater for A380 flights, we are unable to land in Jeddah but to land in Medinah Airport instead. Owh well… we just follow the plan.

All we need to do know is wait till 20 February 2017…….

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