First entry for the first day of the year 2014


This would be my FIRST ever entry on this blog. I have never written a blog before this – so bear with me.

The name of this blog took MONTHS just to come up with this short kinda cool name. But maybe for some of the soon-to-be-entries, it is more about the past vacations that we’ve been to during our 20’s!

Yes! Both my husband and I turned 30 last year, 2013 – Both in June. Herm… gives me the idea that we should have kids in June too!

Anyway, I’ve been longing to have my own blog – not to brag on stuff but more to share on the places that me, my husband and my whole jingbang (family) have been to, the great food that we encountered throughout the way and also this serves as a ‘diary’. Maybe just maybe when we have kids and they are big enough to read and understand, they will know what their mommy and daddy have been up to back when they were young! šŸ™‚

Owh… Did I forget to mention:

–> We LOVE LOVE LOVE to travel. Our aim is to have a chance to go to as many countries as possible to admire the scenery, culture, food and getting-lost!Ā 

–> We ADORE cats! We have 3 cats as of now.Ā Our senior cat is Sully Wally – Maine Coon, eats alot and knows that at 7pm daily, he would be expecting his wetfood ready. He has been with us for 14 years and we all love him to bits! Our junior cats namedĀ Miko and LokiĀ (they are siblings by the way) – are domestic Ā fat cats! Early last year, they were born and lived with my in-law but in April 2013 when my in-laws were performing their Umrah, the cats were temporarily placed at our house and never went back to my in-law’s ever since!

–> We LOVE food – who doesn’t!

Hopefully with this blog, it will also help my friends and family members to scout for ideas or maybe suggest us on places and what to do there.

Till then…. more from me soon!