Netball Accident

We had our last training with our netball coach yesterday so coach decided to do a friendly with Maxis since we have been playing or rather training among ourselves. I guess Coach felt that it’s time to see how we play against other teams. 

We were actually having fun – well I was. Its really good to see how our team now able to play as a TEAM. Love you guys!!! We are more structured, we managed to get the ball when passed – no more buttery fingers. So yaay!!

Not so sure if we were leading at that point but I think we were. Hahaha. So, then came 2nd half and the ball was coming to me and all I could remember that there were people near me and before I could catch the ball, I felt a sharp pain on my right ankle. Owh-uh I thought. This cannot happen today! Not when there’s a game next week!!!! 

I couldn’t move my leg but at that time everyone was around me giving a helping hand. Someone even came with ice immediately so that helped alot! After about 2 minutes in the court, I decided to sit at the side and let the game continue. The moment I wanted to stand, I couldn’t put my right feet on the ground!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO! What actually happened to my ankle? It felt like a sprain ankle.. so lets just brush it off.. Fuuh! 

Went back home but slowly I had to drive using my left foot instead coz I couldn’t bear the pain to push the accelerator. 

Mr Hubster then continued to ice my feet.. it had swollen bigger now. Huhuhu..

Its Merdeka today.. specialist doctors would be off sooo…… I just had to bear with it for today. Can’t walk now, I have to crawl my way around the house. Little Zara thinks that I’m playing cats with her so she joined me to crawl with sound effects “Meow! Meow!”. šŸ˜…


Will need to wait till tomorrow to see the specialist. Wish me luck!  

Bowling tourney

So its here! The day has come for everyone to show off and show their talents!

We played at Wangsa Walk. Lane was nice, clean and looks newly-renovated. Minimal delays in terms of lane problem. 

By the time I reached there, I quickly looked at the team arrangement. They assigned 1 representative to a team – so that we mingle. I got placed next to the guy’s lane (hemph!) AND…… they assigned me to the best players that kick-ass last year. DAMMIT! There goes my confidence. These people are really good. They can be quite intimidating (well thats how I see it), when they come in with their own ball and all sorts of gadgets looking like a pro. I just had to talk to myself and motivate to boost up my confidence. I do sometimes go to my colleagues just to get confort – teehee! 

The players from other company that I had to compete with

Then my biggest supporter came….. its Mr Hubster! Awwww…. 

In the end, we got 2nd overall. I got 4th in ladies placing overall but 1st placing within my company. So that was ok. Could have been better. Will train more next time! 

We got second ya’ll

Intercompany game

It’s that time of year when we tend to have intercompany games. We get emails flying out every week to either to scout for people to fill up certain sports or reminders on the training. There are sports like:

– Futsal (for the guys. There were for ladies last year but the take up rate this year was low so they decided to only open up to the gents)

– Volleyball

– Netball 

– Bowling

– Badminton

– Basketball

– Ping Pong

– Dodgeball (new sport for this year and it was to replace the futsal for Ladies)

– Darts

I am joining bowling and netball as GS – no stamina to run so I’d rather be in the D section. We hired a coach to train us – not to win but to make us better than last year. At least probably to be more organised, have ‘chemistry’ with other players, and polishing up any netball skills. So the month of August is the month where everyone will be hyped up to get better in sports! We shall see what’s the progress. =)

GoKart Night outs

We’ve been planning since end of last year to do a divisional gokart race but never seem to get a chance. 

Finally last Thursday, we managed to conduct one at USJ Kartx. We all left the office at about 6pm but at that time it was all dark clouds and rain started to pour. By the time we arrived USJ at 7.30pm, the dark clouds seemed to have followed us but Alhamdulillah, not a single rain drop during our race. 

It was just us at the race track so that was good. We had the 10 minutes qualifying round and 10 laps of race. That was RM100 per person. 

Best time – Qualifying round

Actual race position

Finals – our no. 1, 2 and 3

Best time – final

All in all, we had fun. I think there’s going to be another one – this time, we try it in the morning! šŸ˜Ž

Family Time – Melaka Trip

Last week was some loooonngg extended weekend with Labour Day which falls on a Friday and Wesak on a Sunday which was replaced on a Monday. Suweeeet!

So dad had an idea ā€“Ā to go to Melaka with the whole jingbangs! That would be 10 of us plus 1 toddler. But Ajat had to work so that makes us 9 adults plus 1 toddler. So on Saturday, we went there with 3 cars and reached Melaka at 9.30am. I googled for a place for breakfast and came across with Hassanā€™s Mee Goreng. We reached at the place at 10am only to be turned down. Aparently they already ran out of food! That was only 10am!!!!

So we head to the next venue which was Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball. Because we went there early, there were still ample of seats. So brunch it isā€¦


Chicken Rice Ball


Chicken Rice Ball

Then we went to Klebang Coconut Shake that most people talk about. Queued for 50 minutes under the hot sun!


Klebang Coconut Shake que


Klebang Coconut Shake

My view?? Its nothing to shout about. I wouldnā€™t queue so long for this. It was just an OK for me.

After that we ā€˜checked-inā€™ into our homestay. Very nice and clean. There was a tennis table in the house!



For dinner, we had Sg Duyong Seafood and it was only 7.30pm but when we reached there, there were a long line with people queuing. Whatā€™s up with Melaka and people eating at the same places?!?!

Luckly earlier before we left the house, my husband called up the place and asking if we could make reservation which he replied to just walk in and look for the guy when we reached there.

Lucky indeedā€¦!! We managed to get a seat before everybody else. Phew! Food was surprisingly good.


Sg Duyong Seafood

The next day, we head to Jonker Street to CafƩ 1511. Again, nothing to shout for. Food was ok but I love the lime juice. It was refreshing!



Cafe 1511


After that, we head for desserts at Nadeje, Mahkota Parade before we head home



Nadeje Mahkota Parade

YTL Tanjong Jara, Dungun – Day 2

Its day 2 here in Tanjong Jara and we had a good night sleep last night.

Woke up at 7am and we head to Di Atas Sungei Restaurant for breakfast. We sat outside this time to have the morning view of the beach. The breakfast is buffet style which offers Malaysian cuisines such asĀ nasi dagang, nasi goreng, mee sup.Ā Western dishes french toast, egg corner, varieties of corn flakes, fresh cut fruits and yogurt. The best thing here during breakfast is that they serve homemade muffins and croissants fresh from the oven.

Breakfast at D'Atas Nelayan

Breakfast at D’Atas Sungei

Breakfast at D'Atas Sungei

Breakfast at D’Atas Sungei

Breakfast spread

Breakfast spread


You can actually choose to have your breakfast at Di Atas Sungei or Nelayan.

At 8.20am, we head to the reception and there we can see Mr. Tan waiting for us. Apparently there’s 1 French guy who is going for open water scuba, 1 family of 4 going for snorkeling and us for discovery scuba diving (“DSD”). The best thing about this Tenggol Island trip is that the resort will bring with them a representative for us. Meaning, 1 resort staff that will accompany the French guy, 1 resort staff that to accompany the family of 4 and we have Mr. Tan that will be with us during our DSD. They also will bring along with them our very own chef that will cook and prepare lunch for us at the Island. First-class service!

By 9.00am, we reached the jetty and there we could see the resort staff all ready to board us in the private boat to Tenggol Island that will take approximately about 40 minutes. Boat ride was ok – the sea was not so choppy. Once we reached the Island, we had our coffee/tea break before we dip in the seawater for snorkelling.



The view was just breathtaking! Just by looking at how calm the fishes swim made me so comfortable in the water.

By noon, we head back our temporary hunt for lunch and networking with the family of 4 and the French guy. We exchange our experience during the snorkeling session and it was exciting.

At 1.30pm, we head back to the boat and start our DSD. We managed to see all sorts of fishes, starfish and lion fish! Too bad we didn’t get to see the turtles =( We did go down up to 12 meters deep!



By 3.30pm, it was time to go back to the resort. During the journey back home, both my husband and I was so exhausted that both of us slept all the way to the jetty.

We rest for a while by dipping ourselves in the pool once we reached Tanjong Jara Resort and at 5.00pm there was KampungĀ where it showcase all the traditional games that back in the 70’s usually play, the music that was played and the ape that helped us to get the fresh young coconuts. This Kampung something is only available every Saturdays from 5pm to 6pm. Ā A good experience for the foreigners and the youngsters to experience the Kampung life.

Time flies extremely fast when you are here in Tanjong Jara! We got back to our room to wash up and here again the housekeeping prepared for us the flowery-bubble-bath again! It was really nice of them. Then by 8.00pm, it was already dinner time and this was what we had for dinner.

  • Appetizers – Tomyam
  • Mains – Butter prawn and steamed seabass
  • Dessers – Lava cake and banana fritters



Early Birthday Celebration @ YTL Tanjong Jara, Dungun

It was an impromptu plan that my husband and I decided to take – which is to celebrate both our birthdays on an island on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia. So I quickly browse our flight and found out that as of that day, the cheapest that we could find was via AirAsia.

Next, I was inĀ constant communication with the YTL representative – Suba in asking on the resort’s facilities and I informed them that I wanted to celebrate my husband’s birthday and was wondering if they could do something to make it memorable. So, I made an online reservation to the room that we wanted in Tanjong Jara and we are all set to go!

The day has come – it was Friday, 20th June. We got off from home at 9.00 am to KL Sentral to catch the ERL train to KLIA2 which took us about 33 minutes from KL Sentral to the airport.

The new airport at KLIA2 is HUGE!! It was my first time there after they officially opened on 9th May 2014. The ERL train will stop at the KLIA2 “so called mall” because it does look like huge a mall with proper shops and restaurants,.Then you would walk for about 5 minutes to reach the entrance of the airport. The airport itself is also huge and I like it – compared to LCCT which is really a cargo airport! Since we did our online check-in, we had our boarding pass ready. The only thing to do is to send our luggage at the baggage-drop.

Next, we head to the security checks to go to our boarding gate. The walk took us about 10 minutes or so to our gate. Flight was OK and the flight took us about 50 minutes. We landed in Kuala Terengganu safely just thatĀ the landing part needs more practice Mr. Pilot!!

Our luggage was one of the first to arrive at the conveyor belt and we head straight to the taxi counter. The taxi costs us RM110 per trip and the journey from the airport to Tanjong Jara took us approximately 1 hour. I have no complaints about our taxi driver. He was good and quiet throughout the journey which made me decide to engage him to pick us up later on Sunday from Tanjong Jara to the airport.

We were greeted by the Tanjong Jara staffs during our arrival. They then took care of our luggage and we rested on the sofa in the reception area and Mr Tan from the scuba site was already waiting for us to give briefing on what our programs would be like for tomorrow. They then offered some ice-cool refreshing drink since it the weather is hot and Sayuri from the Reception guided us all the way to our room while giving us a tour about the resort. The room that we booked was Serambi (garden) room 1105.

View of our room from the outside - Serambi (Garden)

View of our room from the outside – Serambi (Garden)

View of the bedroom

View of the bedroom

View of the bathroom

View of the bathroom

We settled down for 1 hour then we head to the Nelayan pool where Mr. Tan was waiting for us ready with theĀ air tank and other scuba equipment. We had a pre-scuba course where Mr. Tan taught us on how to use the equipment and the breathing techniques, the do’s and don’t. He was happy with us because we made his job easy (Well, the fact that it is our 3rd Discovery Scuba Diving (DSD)). Our next meeting would be the next day at 8.30am at the lobby.


Come night time, we head to Di Atas SungeiĀ Restaurant which translate to “Restaurant onĀ the river”. We choseĀ TomyamĀ soup as our appetiser, the mains are steamed red snapper fish and sizzling black pepper beef with white rice and our desserts areĀ Sago gula melaka and Lava cake.

D'Atas Sungei Layout

D’Atas Sungei Layout

Dinner Day 1 Appetizer - Tomyam Soup; Mains - Beef Black Pepper & Steamed Fish; Vege - Beancurd with oyster sauce

Dinner Day 1
Appetizer – Tomyam Soup; Mains – Beef Black Pepper & Steamed Fish; Vege – Beancurd with oyster sauce

While eating, one of the staffs came to our table with a surprise birthday cake!

Our June birthday cake surprise courtesy from Tanjong Jara Resort

Our June birthday cake surprise courtesy from Tanjong Jara Resort

Dinner was good and we were stuffed! We then head back to our room. When we got there, we got another surprise from housekeeping this time. They have specially prepared for us a flowery-bubble bath. I felt blessed! =)

Birthday surprise from housekeeping

Birthday surprise from housekeeping

Goodnight all!




My birthday celebration: June 2014


Sneak peak

Last week was my husband’s birthday. This week is MY birthday! Woot! Woot!! So Mr. Husband decided to have a birthday getaway for me today till Sunday (well for US actually since both of our birthdays fall in June).

Flight tickets? Checked!
Resort booking? Checked!

Will update you more!