Had a girlfriend catch-up brunch session with my primary school friends. It’s been a while since we last had a catch up session.

So today, we head to Aether Cafe at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The place is quite tricky to get there but once you’re there, you would feel comfy with their unique ambiance.

They don’t serve meat so if you are super hungry, I don’t suggest for you to come here.


Aether Salad – Sandwich – Thai Iced Milk Tea – Fresh Juice – Crepe Cake



Today I bid goodbye to my daily breakfast routine – Nasi Lemak at Teh Tarek Place, Sooka.

Usually, most of my morning, I would start my day with this delicious nasi lemak bungkus with extra sambal. Starting tomorrow, this shop will be closed down to give way for the building to set up a medical centre. Boohooooo!!!!!

So, here’s the last picture of my fav nasi lemak. Sob! Sob!


Nasi Lemak Bungkus


I was craving for Japanese food and I managed to persuade Mr. Hubster to accompany me for lunch.

There’s one place in my mind that I would go for Japanese – Ozeki at Menara TA. The food there has always been consistent and am always satisfied with the quality, and service.


Ozeki – Nagisa Lunch Set RM22



I looveeee durian. But sadly, my husband is a mat-salleh who can’t stand the smell and taste of durian.

Now is the time for durian season and thankfully, my girlfriends from primary school are like me – the durian junkies!

We set a date for the gathering and we head to SS2 for some durian feast and it was sooo good! I think we ate about 3 durians in total and we were all stuffed!



Lunch at Chequers

We went to Chequers nearby the TTDI Vetenery Clinic after we check on Miko. We had “I am Hungry” section in the menu and it was Moo Moo which is a savoury waffle with sirloin beef patty, cheddar, slaw, relish, beef bacon, berries barbecue sauce and it.. was.. yummy!


Moo Moo

Drinks we had root-beer float and James’ Paradise – fresh mint, hint of lemon-grass and lime) and strawberry milkshake.


Rootbear – James’ Paradise

My view on the drinks? Nothing to shout for really. It was just an OK for me.

The ambiance was nice and cozy but I didn’t snap any photo of the restaurant. Maybe I was too hungry :p


Family Time – Melaka Trip

Last week was some loooonngg extended weekend with Labour Day which falls on a Friday and Wesak on a Sunday which was replaced on a Monday. Suweeeet!

So dad had an idea – to go to Melaka with the whole jingbangs! That would be 10 of us plus 1 toddler. But Ajat had to work so that makes us 9 adults plus 1 toddler. So on Saturday, we went there with 3 cars and reached Melaka at 9.30am. I googled for a place for breakfast and came across with Hassan’s Mee Goreng. We reached at the place at 10am only to be turned down. Aparently they already ran out of food! That was only 10am!!!!

So we head to the next venue which was Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball. Because we went there early, there were still ample of seats. So brunch it is…


Chicken Rice Ball


Chicken Rice Ball

Then we went to Klebang Coconut Shake that most people talk about. Queued for 50 minutes under the hot sun!


Klebang Coconut Shake que


Klebang Coconut Shake

My view?? Its nothing to shout about. I wouldn’t queue so long for this. It was just an OK for me.

After that we ‘checked-in’ into our homestay. Very nice and clean. There was a tennis table in the house!



For dinner, we had Sg Duyong Seafood and it was only 7.30pm but when we reached there, there were a long line with people queuing. What’s up with Melaka and people eating at the same places?!?!

Luckly earlier before we left the house, my husband called up the place and asking if we could make reservation which he replied to just walk in and look for the guy when we reached there.

Lucky indeed…!! We managed to get a seat before everybody else. Phew! Food was surprisingly good.


Sg Duyong Seafood

The next day, we head to Jonker Street to Café 1511. Again, nothing to shout for. Food was ok but I love the lime juice. It was refreshing!



Cafe 1511


After that, we head for desserts at Nadeje, Mahkota Parade before we head home



Nadeje Mahkota Parade

Food Around Me: Sunday Brunch, THIRTY8 Grand Hyatt KL

It was a birthday lunch surprise for my husband last Sunday since his birthday falls a day before which was on 14th June. We couldn’t celebrate on Saturday as we had to attend my cousin’s wedding.

He didn’t know exactly where the venue was until we reached Grand Hyatt, KL. Still, he didn’t know exactly which restaurant as we have not been to Grand Hyatt before this. Grand Hyatt, KL is situated next to the KL Convention Centre and a walking distance to the Suria KLCC (through KL Convention Centre) and Pavillion Shopping Centre via the covered bridge.

We reached the Ground Floor lobby with nice and calm ambiance. Loved the interior design. We got up the lift to the Sky Lobby as the check-in counters are on the top floor as opposed to the norm Ground Floor. I find that the Sky Lobby to be abit crowded during the check-in time though.


Ground Lobby & Sky Lobby

We got to THIRTY8 restaurant which is 1 floor below the Sky Lobby at 12 noon. I was happy that my request has been attend to  – that is to get the seat with the view of the KL Twin Tower. *Bliss* This restaurant offers a 360 degrees view of the whole Kuala Lumpur.

Us with the view of KL

Us with the view of KL

The birthday boy with Petronas Twin Towers view

We are also assigned with a specific waiter. Luckly we got a cute and handsome one! Frankly speaking, he looks abit like Cristiano Rolando when he smiles. *Melts*He took care of our table – prompt in clearing off our plates and folded our napkins whenever we leave our table for next serving.

THIRTY8 offers cuisines like Japanese, Western and Chinese with lovely dessert corner for those sweet tooth lovers.

The Japanese station offers fresh cut sashimi like salmon, octopus, tuna and various sushi. There is also steamed peas and cold soba (which is a my fav!!). The Western station offers roast beef, fried fish and pies which is deeelicious. There is also a section on oysters, clams, tiger prawns that are fresh to eat! As for the Chinese station, there are fresh ingredients that you would pick to your liking and they chefs will cook for you however you want them to cook. Some chefs would roam around the restaurant to your tables and offer their latest creations for you to have a go at it.


Fresh oysters, prawns and many more!


Japanese section – itadakimas


Chinese cuisines


Dessert section


Dessert section


Dessert section


Fresh fruits

View from top

Glimpse of the buffet table from the lobby floor

There is also kids corner where they can have fun in designing their very own cookie decorations.

Kids have have a go at designing their own cookie topings

Kids have have a go at designing their own cookie topings

The price is RM190++ for Adults and RM95 for kids. This price is inclusive of unlimited chilled juices, homemade lemonade, lychee iced tea and a healthy juice station.
Mineral water is charged RM22 per 750ml bottle.

Well I hope my husband enjoyed the lunch ‘on the sky’ with the fabulous view of the KL Twin Towers.

 THIRTY8 Restaurant @ Grand Hyatt KL
Sky Lobby, then to Level 38
No. 12, Jalan Pinang
50450 Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours: Every Sunday

Every Sunday: 12:00 – 03:0pm

Telephone: +60 3 2182 1234




Food Around Me: Lakse for breakfast

Let me introduce you to Malaysian food that you cannot find anywhere except in Malaysia. Originally the food is from Kelantan which is north-east of Peninsular Malaysia. It is called Lakse for the Kelantanese (pronounce as Luck-say) or some of the non-Kelantanese would call it Laksam (pronounce as Luck-some). My family would eat Lakse for breakfast. Am not sure if other people would eat Lakse other than breakfast though – maybe some would eat it for dinner I guess.



Lakse - up close

Lakse – up close

Lakse is made with very thick flat white rice flour noodles. Soaked in a rich, full-bodied white gravy of boiled fish  flesh and coconut milk. It is then garnished with raw vegetables like shredded cabbage, cucumber, bean sprout and long beans. To add the some adventure, we normally have it with blended red cili padi (translation: Bird’s eye chili) to add in the spiciness. Traditionally Laksa is eaten with hands rather than with eating utensils.

A must try in Malaysia!

Food Around Me: Ozeki Tokyo, Menara TA

Japanese food craving kicks in again! So we head to Menara TA at Jalan P Ramlee. Was disappointed when we arrived to see that the restaurant is closed until end of June for the renovation works =( But I am going to write a review anyway from my previous visit.

If you ask me, comparing Ozeki Tokyo with Sushi Zanmai – which one would I prefer? I would choose Ozeki! It is authentic Japanese restaurant and the food is just….. indescribable! But pricing wise, it is slightly higher if you were to compare with Sushi Zanmai – but who cares! As long as it is delicious and plus it is only once a while.

They are open  daily at certain times only, mainly lunch and dinner.

They have lunch menu that you can choose from. My basic choice would be cold soba with hot fried tempura. It comes with fruits and some other small dishes that goes with the main and salad which you can go craaazzzy with because the dressing is so delicious that you wonder if you could buy it off the counter.

Salad with yummy dressing

Salad with yummy dressing

Cold soba with fried tempura

Cold soba with fried tempura

Hot soba with california rolls

Hot soba with california rolls

My next to do list when I step into this restaurant is to get to know the exact pricing for the lunch meal sets and the food names from the menu! Let’s hope that they open soon after the renovation is completed.

 Ozeki Tokyo Restaurant @ Menara TA One
Menara TA One, Ground Floor
No. 22, Jalan P. Ramlee
Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:

Lunch: 12:30 – 02:30pm
Dinner: 6:20pm – 11:00 pm
(Last order: 10:30pm)

Telephone: +60 3 2166 4263

Food Around Me: Sushi Zanmai

Ever since my husband and I went to Tokyo, Japan last April 2013, we have had cravings for Japanese food every now and then. Out of the many good Japanese restaurants in Malaysia – one  of my favourite is Sushi Zanmai.

There are a few Sushi Zanmai outlets here in Malaysia. In Klang Valley itself:

  • 1 Utama
  • Low Yatt Plaza
  • Fahrenheit 88
  • 1 Mont Kiara
  • Paradigm Mall
  • Avenue K
  • The Gardens, Mid Valley

The ones that I usually go to is at The Gardens.

Am not sure about the other outlets, but the crowd at The Gardens is forever full! There will always be people lining up to eat at this place. That’s good business!

The best part is, everyone will be patiently waiting for their turns.

I would usually order cold Tenzaru Soba. It is deeelliiccciioousss! The first time I came across cold soba was when I was traveling in Tokyo. At first I felt weird eating lunch that is cold but the moment I had a taste of it, there’s no turning back! Cold soba it is then!

Coming back to Sushi Zanmai, Tenzaru soba is cold buckwheat noodles with chilled dipping sauce as soup and served with hot fried tempuras. The noodles are served on a bamboo basket.

Tenzaru Soba

Tenzaru Soba

Next is the sushi. I can’t remember the exact name on the menu but it is soft shell crab sushi topped with pieces of avocado and mayonnaise-like dressing on each sushi.

Soft Shell Crab Sushi

Soft Shell Crab Sushi

As for desserts – a must try mochi! The sweet and soft rice skin with vanilla ice cream in it. Fuuuhhh……. Devine!!



Bon appétit 

 Sushi Zanmai @ The Gardens, Mid Valley
Lot T-217, 3rd Floor
Mid Valley City, Kuala Lumpur

Business Hours:
Daily: 10:00 am – 10:00 pm

Telephone: +60 3 2282 1160