A trip down to JB

Year end is known to be the honeymoon month. Particularly because it is the last month of the year and everyone is busy clearing off their leave before it is being forfeited.

So my husband and I decided to take a trip down to Johor Bahru from 21st December to 25th December 2013. Flights were cheap! Especially Malindo which offered RM40 per trip all in. We bought tickets back from JB to KL with Malindo. As for the trip to JB, although Malindo was cheaper but we just cannot stand the early morning flight – its too early for us! Just imagine, flight at 7am, we need to be there at least 1 hour earlier (although there’s online check-in, it is safer to reach at the airport early), means we need to get up at least 5am to shower and take the cab and rush to the airport…. That’s not gonna happen! So we opt to take AirAsia instead that offered flight at 2ish pm to JB.

Main reason for us to go to JB is FOOD! And for the benefit of my husband who is a big-fan of LEGO. Also since my brother-in-law is currently staying in JB and we have our very close friend of ours who grew up in JB, we figured that it is a good idea to pay them a visit too!

Here’s the summary of the places that we went to:

May I introduce you to ……… BAKSO!

Situated near Larkin Stadium, this is a family owned business where the shop is just outside their housing compound. Those with ill-hearted should not come here as it is right next to the Chinese cemetery =p Still….. despite the location, the taste of Bakso here is sooooo good!


Next we visited the development of Puteri Harbour which is located at Lebuh Laksamana Nusajaya. Nothing much here except for some yacht and shops like Hello Kitty for the kids and Lat Cafe (famous for the Lat comic books).

Puteri Harbour

Lat Cafe

The next day, our good friend brought us to have a go at Lontong Kering at Hutan Bandar near JB city.


My husband said its good. For me… am not a fan of nasi himpit but the taste was not too bad.

By night, we were brought to this place for dinner which is famous for its black pepper crab! It was deeeliicciioouusss!


The next day, we went to the Johor Premium Outlet (“JPO”) Indahpura, Kulaijaya. A short 10 minutes drive if you are from Senai International Airport but if you are coming from JB City, it will take approximately 20-30 minutes to reach JPO.

Premium Outlet

Weather was good – not too hot. I would say they have 4 sections. North and South with 2 floors on each side – clean especially the toilets are well maintained! Shop wise, somewhat similar to Premium Outlets in the US but pricing wise, in my opinion, Premium Outlets in US have  more choices and waaaaay cheaper (even after converting to RM of course!)

I was hoping to buy some pair of jeans here but seemed like they think Malaysians are super petite by only having extra small and small sizes only! So I went back empty handed.

We also visited Kota Iskandar which is along the way to Puteri Harbour. Reminds me of Putrajaya though.

A must-see destination that embraces Islamic design elements, harmonising humanity with Johor’s history, heritage, culture and nature.

Kota Iskandar

Our food exploration quest continues.. Which leads us to Roost Yogurt! The yogurt is light and you get to choose your toppings.

The address is 9 Jalan Dhoby, Bandar Johor Bahru. There’s a couple of shop houses – one of it is the Roost Yogurt.

You should see the interior of this shop. They are very creative to improvise cardboards into sofas. There is even a shopping trolley that was converted into a seat!


If you are a spicy food fan, there’s this place, that is a must try in JB – Ayam Penyet Banafee.  Located at 9022 Jalan Dato Abdullah Tahir, Johor Bahru. Starts at 5pm daily.

You need to come early else there are no seats or worse – when they run out of Ulams.


Last but not least – LEGOLAND! This is where my sister said to put a kid’s leash on my husband so that he won’t be out of sight! Hahaha!

Here’s the address: Jalan Legoland, Bandar Medini.

Legoland is OK. Entrance fee for Adult is RM140 and mostly all are kiddy rides. Hermph! But what impressed him most is the miniature of buildings all around the world! Check this out! (these are some pictures taken on that day)