Las Vegas – Touring around Vegas

I didn’t go out that much during my conference week except for dinner (I ordered room service whenever I am too lazy to go out – its too cold and I didn’t bring thick clothing with me). Temperature can go down to 14 °C at night and that is cold for me.

So, to summarize on the places that I went to for the past 1 week in Vegas.

Check our ride….. Loved it! Too bad this exact model is not available in Malaysia.

Our car - Ford Fusion

Our car – Ford Fusion

1. I must go to Walmart! The things here are cheap and we bought loads of food to munch at the hotel (Its like here we have Giant but pricing wise, I think Walmart is cheaper)This is where I bought US simcard for me to use for the whole 2 weeks.

Walmart Supermarket

Walmart Supermarket

2. A must see! Jabawockeez!!! I would go and see them the second time! The best thing about this show is that they interact with people and when they imitate the viewers, it can be really funny! Very entertaining!



3. I followed my hubster to see Fantasy. Yeah… Men would LOVE it!

3. We had dinner at Hard Rock and ordered our usual menu – Bruschetta Tomato and Fried Fish Sandwich @ Paradise Road

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

Dinner at Hard Rock Cafe

4. Visited Bellagio and witnessed the music fountain



5. Visited The Mirage and waited for the volcano eruption at 8pm out in the cold!

6. We went to The Venetian to get the feel of Italy

7. Compulsory picture of the Las Vegas sign

8. If we have visited Walmart, Target is a must too! Target usually have offers buy 3 for the price of 2. I always check on the expiry just in case.



10. How could I missed out.. Premium Outlets!!!!!!!! @.@. I’d go crazy if I migrate to US. There’s 2 outlets – North and South Las Vegas. The photo below is South Las Vegas which is approximately 7 minutes from THEHotel.

South Las Vegas Premium Outlet

South Las Vegas Premium Outlet

11. We didn’t have to go far to get the best view of Vegas. We went up to the Mix Lounge Mandalay Bay which is situated on the 64th Floor and the view is just breathtaking!

Mix Lounge (64th Floor) - Mandalay Bay

Mix Lounge (64th Floor) – Mandalay Bay

12. Here’s other places that we visited

Places in Vegas

Places in Vegas

**Some photos are not with me like The Mirage, Venetian and Las Vegas sign. Will update that once I get the photos from Mr. Hubster.

Till then!


Las Vegas – THEhotel, Mandalay Bay

We reached THEhotel, Mandalay Bay. Yes, the name of our hotel is “The Hotel”. It is right next to Mandalay Bay and I read reviews that THEhotel is better than Mandalay Bay in the sense of the size of the room.  Why I chose Mandalay Bay was because the conference will be held here at the Mandalay Bay Convention Centre.

Mandalay Bay have standard room whereas THEhotel has 1 bedroom with a TV and a bathroom attached with toilet in a separate door, shower and bathtub, has a living room with sofa, and TV and another toilet.


We got hungry and ordered room service for dinner.


It is already 11.30pm here in Vegas, time to sleep – Good night!

Let the 34 hours journey begin: Abu Dhabi to Chicago bound

We board for journey number 2. – Abu Dhabi to Chicago. That is another 14 hours flight. This time I didn’t walk over to my husband as I was asleep most of the time. I fell asleep before they serve my main course! Flight was smooth, the seats were comfortable as it can be reclined to let you sleep better. The only sad back was on the toiletries. MAS was waaaayyyy better with toiletries (at least MAS gave Tumi toiletries bag). Here’s the Etihad 777 on Business, the good food but the ugly toiletries bag (center picture)

Etihad - Chicago Watermark

We arrived Chicago at 3.25pm. We had 2 hours of layover which is more than enough to get you from one terminal to another terminal (we had to change terminal as we arrived at the International Terminal and took the train to the Domestic Terminal). We didn’t have to worry about our luggage as they will arrive with us in Las Vegas. So we head straight to the gate, had lunch at McDonald’s and was ready to board the last and final leg! Las Vegas via American Airlines.


The flight was full! My husband and I had to split and sat on different rows. I had the seat with only 2 people whereby my husband was sitting with the ones with 3 in a row. The flight looked old! Like extremely old! I could remember seeing this during the 80’s! And I felt that the flight took very long to reach to my destination. Maybe I was already tired of flying for the day. *Sorry.. No pictures on AA, it was already dark and as usual, I slept throughout the whole journey.

We arrived Las Vegas at 9.20pm. Our bags reached quite fast too. We just can’t wait to get to the hotel so we got in a taxi which took about 15 minutes of journey with a fee of $23 with tax but without tips. Mind you – here if you take a taxi, they expect you to give them tips. If you don’t, they will ask you why you didn’t give them any tips. So be prepared to pay extra.

Let the 34 hours journey begin: KL to Abu Dhabi bound

Reached KLIA at 12 midnight. – Quite early as the counters were still closed. We got checked in by Ramzan. A very nice chap who tried to help with my husband’s ticket. Just to note, I got all my 3 boarding pass ready.
1. Kuala Lumpur to Abu Dhabi
2. Abu Dhabi to Chicago
3. Chicago to Las Vegas.

But my husband managed to get boarding pass for journey (1) – This means that we need to go to the transit counter both in Abu Dhabi and Chicago to get his boarding passes.

Since it was still early, we spend most of our time at the MAS Golden Lounge. Again, at the counter of the Golden Lounge, Azad (GL Leader) was very attentive. Kudos to that!
Food was good especially the teh tarek — was absolutely delicious! A must try.



Our flight was on time. By 3.25am, we pushed off via Jet Airways. Here’s a peak on the business class.


The steward was very attentive and efficient. Ask anything and he’ll come back with your orders. Too bad I didn’t get his name.

We arrived at Abu Dhabi Airport at 6pm’ish – a very busy airport. We went straight to the Transfer Counter to get the boarding pass for my husband for journey no. (2). The staff who attended to us looked at my husband’s boarding pass and advised us to go straight to the gate. At that time we still had about another 2 hours before our next flight.

Luckily that we did walk over to the gate. It was crowded with people! Why? Because on the way to the gate, there were security checks for people travelling to the US. Luckily I was travelling on business, we were given priority can cut the queue short (although my husband is on economy – I only showed my boarding pass) =)

Once passed security checks for US, there is an immigration counter. At this moment, they will check your boarding pass and will let you know whether you bags have arrived at the immigration or not. We had to wait for a mere 10 minutes as my luggage have not arrived yet. When they called out my name, we can then continue to queue up again at the immigration counter. They asked on the stuff that we bought with us and I had Brahims, Maggie and tins of tuna. They had to inspect our bags! Haih! At that time we were about 50 minutes before our flight depart.

At the waiting area (for the luggage inspection) there were a bunch of people waiting. Like A LOT! Alhamdulillah, my name was called again and that time we only waited for 10 minutes. They inspected our bags. Maggie Ayam tak lepas! Other than that, all good. So we quickly head to the gate.