LASIK with Prof. Muhaya: Specs~no~more

A few friends have asked me about my Lasik experience. FYI – I decided to do Lasik which is Laser-Assisted in situ Keratomileusis, commonly referred to as laser eye surgery or laser vision correction (Thanks Wikipedia!)

I started wearing glasses since Standard TWO! That means since I was eight years old. Ever since then, the power of my glasses increased year by year up until 3 years ago that I felt my power had stabilized – which came up to 600+ for myopia (short-sighted) and astigmatism to 200+. I can’t even see the clock on the wall in my room without my glasses! Sob!

So, I’ve been doing some reading in early 2013 and decided to pay a visit to Dr. Prof Muhaya on 6th June 2013.

I’ve sent out SMS to the number given and provided the details. They responded by letting me know on the appointment date and time. Information on  where you can make appointment, you can refer to Prof. Muhaya’s website. Here’s the direct link:


Picture 1: The entrance to Prof. Muhaya’s clinic

The whole process went like this: You would require to visit Prince Court at least twice.

Day One – check up to see if your eyes are suitable to perform Lasik. First important note:

  1. You are  advised not to drive after the check-up.
  2. You are NOT ALLOWED to wear contact lens one week before the evaluation day

The whole process of performing all sorts of check-ups would take at least half a day including the waiting time. These tests and checks are performed by the nurses and also the optometrist (like how they run tests by changing lenses to see what power you are currently on). Of course, the last person that you will be seeing for the day is Dr. Prof Muhaya herself. She will also examine your eye and explain to you on what may happen to your vision – once you have understood and agreed, you may proceed with the Lasik operation but it will be on a different day.

What I meant by “What may happen to your vision” is that Prof explained to me that my eyes may not be 100% corrected. Reason behind this was because the thickness of my cornea was just ngam-ngam to qualify for Lasik and she does not want to risk it. Meaning, I would still need to wear glasses but only when I am driving – which I am ok with that.   So I’ve set out an appointment on 10th June 2013, paid the amount and collected some medicines that I need to take on operation day.

blog2Picture 2: The results of my eye check up and the meds slip.

Also, I needed someone to be with me on 10th June. Reason – once I am done with the Lasik operation, I will need time in order to adjust with my new vision! Poor hubby had to sacrifice his leave for me.

You can request for an MC for check-up day.

Day Two – L.A.S.I.K day
Another important note:

  1. You are NOT ALLOWED to drive after the surgery
  2. You are NOT ALLOWED to wear contact lens 1 week before the surgery
  3. You are NOT ALLOWED to wear any perfume, fragrant face wash or deodorant, make up is also a big NO NO.

It was a fine Monday morning on 10th June 2013. Woke up early – excited. Took the pills given. The pill is more of a painkiller. Me and hubs arrived at 9.00am. There were a number of patients waiting already! By 11am, my name was called. The nurses placed me in the waiting area where we need to put on the Crocs shoes, put on the hospital robe and head cover and there’s a storage locker where you can put in your belongings. The nurses then applied different types of eye drops and then just wait for your turn.


Picture 3: The waiting time starts…. tick.. tock.. tick.. tock!

Then when I got into the operation room, I could hear nasyid music playing in the background. One of the nurses reminded me not to mention any negative words to Prof Muhaya like worry or fear but when I met her in person, she portrays peace and calm vibes.

Prof Muhaya was still working on one of the patients but I was asked to talk to that patient to ask how he was doing. Of which he replied, it was good – no pain what-so-ever. Then one of the nurses took away my spectacles. 3 minutes after that patient got up and left the room. It’s me next! At that point in time, Prof. Muhaya told me to look at the clock on the wall and asked the time. I can’t see without my glasses! I can’t see even a single number on that wall! Huh! Then I was asked to lie down on bed and was started off with one out of the two machines that are used during Lasik. Prof Muhaya began by reciting Al-Fatihah and then she starts……

Machine 1 – This is where the machine is programmed to perform the bladeless flap creation. I just love the word bladeless. It doesn’t make me worry too much =). What this machine does is that it will slice up your cornea which is again.. bladeless! Prof will perform one eye at a time. The eye will be opened using this special clip which prevents you from blinking. The whole process (for both eyes) took less than 2 minutes! OK lah, the slicing activity only took 15 seconds per eye. But most importantly, it was painless! Once done, the nurses swing the bed to Machine 2.

Machine 2 – This is where the laser will beam to your cornea and where it will re-shape your cornea to replicate like your correction glasses It is called “Laser Corneal Correction”.  With this machine, you will encounter some slight burning smell which is normal. Within 30 seconds, the process for one eye is over! After the surgery ended, Prof Muhaya asked me to tell the time from the clock on the wall. To my amazement, I can see except my vision was abit hazy! I can even see my husband who were recording the whole procedure the whole time.

photo 4-1

Picture 4: All went well… snap picture with Prof. Muhaya

Recovery Period

You will be able to go back immediately after the  surgery. You will be given lunch pack, sunglasses for you to wear for one day or two and you’re good to go!

Owh.. you can request one day of MC for the surgery day.

photo 2-1

Picture 5: My lunch pack for the day

At this stage, you are required to apply eye drops every 5 minutes! Yes.. EVERY 5 MINUTES for the next 4 hours. Which I complied as this is one of the very important stage of healing process. Subsequently, I applied the eye drops every one hour or so for 1 week – just to be safe.

Alhamdulillah, now that it has been over 9 months since the Lasik operation and it has been great! I didn’t encounter any dryness of eyes which is a plus. Only during the first 1 month, I had problem with my eyes when I am in a low light places – I see double vision and my vision were not as sharp as when I wear my glasses. But after 1 month, my eyes started to adapt slowly at low light conditions.

I went for scuba diving one month after that and it was GREAT! I see clearly without having to worry! I even went to my normal optometrist and did some eye check up. Surprisingly, all my astigmatism — gone! Meaning I don’t have to wear specs at all when I am driving.

So for those who are thinking of doing one, I think it is worth it – provided that your power have stabilized and that it is more than 300+. Worth the money despite being ……. expensive, I still find it to be of a good investment if you are ready.

P/S: PCMC offers 36 months 0% instalment for Lasik for those who are interested.

Till then.. see ya!