Zara: Playtime at 12.30midnight!

It has been a quiet and easy Saturday for me. Did the norm – cleaned up the house, did the laundry and chilling while watching the TV. Surprisingly, there were no interesting channels on a Saturday. Boooorriinggg! So I fell asleep and by 10pm I was wide awake.

Apparently, Zara was still up and hyper at 11pm to the point her mom called me to entertain her. So I did. She can’t talk by the way. So most of the time, it is a guessing game as to what she wants by observing her actions / movements. I managed to figure out that she wants to go down since she was pointing to the door. Siigghhh! Everyone is already asleep and she wants to go down and play?!? Fiiinnneee…. I took her down to the living room and placed her near her toys. She pointed out to the door (as if she wants to go outside). I was like… Oh-uh! No, we’re not going out at this time. So I tried to distract her with her toys until she saw the bubble bottles and insisted I blow the bubbles for her.

She is smart!!! She knows that we need to go out to play the bubbles. I didn’t budge though. No way I am going out to blow bubbles at midnight! So I selambe played bubbles in the living room! Hah! My heart melts when she got so excited seeing bubbles flying around. She didn’t run for it though, she just sat on my lap and watched how the bubbles just floats away. I was doing it for 30 minutes and decided to trick her by yawning and asked her “Lets go to sleep? Goodnight?”. She nodded and did her flying kiss. (that’s her way of saying goodnight or goodbyes). Thank God!

So yeah.. first time ever to play bubbles in the middle of the night. Now, little Ms. Zara is  fast asleep. Goodnight sayang