Skiing: Mt Buller

We drove up to Mansfield from Melbourne City at about 8am. The journey took us for about 2 hours and 30 minutes. I have booked an accommodation online to stay at Mansfield Motel and the check-in time was only at 2pm.

We just try our luck and the owner was very attentive to our request. She explained politely that our rooms are currently being cleaned but she hand over the room key to us and said to give a few minutes more and when it is ready, we could go in. True enough at close to 11am, we were able to rest in our room. Because it was a motel, we could drive our car straight to our room. To our surprise, a black dog was already waiting for us with a ball wanting to play fetch!

We rest for a few hours and by lunch, we head to Mt Buller. The journey took us 45 minutes from the Motel. Before going to the peak, we reached the entrance gate which every vehicle (max: 8 passengers)  must pay AUD$40 per day. We then parked the car at the dedicated car park and took the free shuttle bus to the ski area.

At the common area, there are restaurants and ski gear hires. We went straight for the ski gear hires to hire our ski stuffs:

a) Jacket and Pants
b) Ski Boots
c) Skis and Poles
d) Locker
These all costs close to AUD$100

We then took another free shuttle bus with our gears to the ski school – another alternative than taking the ski lift as we are first timers and have not fully mastered┬áthe skill of skiing yet.

At ski school, you can observe the instructors teaching the young ones how to ski. We just observed at the side quietly to see how this skiing skill works. You can take ski lessons but due to limited time, my husband and I decided to just observe for a bit before we purchase the ski lift. Ski lift costs AUD$101 for full day or AUD$62 which starts from 3pm to 5pm. We took the 3pm pass as we would need some time to get the hang of skiing on flat land first!

After 3pm, we had a go at the ski lift. View was fantastic!







At close about 10 minutes to 5pm, both my husband and I were already exhausted and had no energy to even ski downhill. At that moment in time, I remembered that I had Redbull in my bag. Immediately we drank the Redbull and at an instant, we got the energy boost! Hahaha! We were back on our feet to ski before handing over our ski gears to the staff.

Would definitely come here again one day!