Louie’s vet visit


Louie’s medical appointment

Louie was due for this first vaccine jab in May. So I brought him to the vet on 16th May for this vaccination and de-worming. Last weekend was his second vaccine jab. He handled the jab like nothing happened. Ate his de-worming pill and we decided to get him micro-chipped.

So it is all done for the year. He is a growing furball – very active and FAST!  and ….. starting to be cheeky at times.

Sleep tight my dearest Wally

With an extremly heavy hearted, we bid farewell to our beloved family member – Sully Wally. I remembered very well that at 7.30pm today (16 March 2015), I was feeding him with wetfood which he ate and once he was done, he left (which is normal). But not long after, we found him laying still at our housing compound at 8.15pm today, motionless. We went to him and found some marks on both his legs and bloodstains from his mouth. He was still soft and it could have recently happened. I quickly made a call to our vet only to realised that they were overseas attending a training. But Ann (the vet nurse) sent out a text message was concerned and asked if there were anything wrong. I told her the situation, sent her photos of Wally and asked if there were any vet-clinics that were still open at that hour. She suggested to go to the Animal Medical Centre at Jalan Tun Razak.

Without any delay, I went with Wally accompanied by my hubster and sister, Aida. When we reached there, the nurse saw my puffy eyes and looked down on Wally. She took Wally and immediately passed to the Doctor. The doctor tried to hear any heartbeat. He even tried to revive Wally but after a while, he apologised to say that Wally was gone. The doctor had a look at the cuts on Wally’s legs and he said that Wally may be hit by a car. When he examined Wally’s face, the slimy blood that was still in Wally’s tongue indicated that Wally may had an internal injury. Hearing all that, I wished it was just a dream and to wake up, Wally would be there alive but I just have to accept the fact that Wally is finally gone.

To my dearest Wally, you will always be special to us – some say your breed, a maine coon as a gentle giant and you definitely are a gentle giant. You’ve always been ever so gentle to kids, warm at heart with us. A cat version of ‘Hachiko’ who always kept Athira company whenever she starts to do her homework or revision at the study table.

Close to 15 years that you were with us. It was a gift from the Al-Mighty. You brightened our family. You gave us the smiles. You would normally lepak near us whenever we performed our prayers berjemaah. We showered you will plenty of love and care. We would ensure that you were in the bedroom and would carry to up whenever we wanted to go to sleep. You seemed to know the time because when it is past 7pm, you would demand for your wetfood.

What dad said made me think for a while. He mentioned that Wally was a lucky cat. He never give us any problem. The way he left us was also easy. Easy in the sense of he did not suffer long. In fact it was extremely quick. He was clean when he passed away. He was not ill. No other scars except for his legs which looked like his skin got scraped and despite he got hit by a car, he still took the effort to come back home and managed to lay inside the housing compound. Like how human beings are like especially the old people, whenever they know it is their time to go, he/she would request to be back home rather than to stay in hospital. Which was how I can relate why Wally took the effort to be home after he got hit.

Tomorrow morning, dad will help us perform the burial. He will be with us at the housing compound.

Life is tough now – for everyone! but I know it is temporary. Writing this on the blog is also not easy but I just had to do it. I need this to be up so that as years down the road, I would be able to read this back.

So for Wally – We’ll miss you very very much and we won’t forget you ever! Love you so much.

Innalilahi wainna ilaihi rojiun.

Meet and ‘paw’ greet – Sully Wally

Today, I want you to meet my cat – Sully Wally. He got upgraded to Uncle Wally after my sister gave birth to a baby girl last October 2013. Hehehe.


So some background… Wally have been with us since year 2000. Prior to that, he was living with my aunt. But since my aunt knows that we love cats, she decided to give Wally to us. So Wally and I took a flight from Alor Setar, Kedah to KL on Christmas day 2000. What’s funny was that – because we took the flight, Wally was placed in a special compartment meant for pets. Maybe they have this oxygen box thinge for him to chill on the flight. How we reunite back after we landed was that his carrier was placed on the conveyor belt together with all the other baggage. People won’t realized that there’s a cat on it but because he meows to all the people that he sees, people then finally realized that he was there.

I’ve been wanting to write about Wally’s vet and I got the permission from the doctor, Dr. Clement to write about his clinic. Wehoo! So here goes!

Wally was due to get his annual vaccine done. I usually go to Taman Tun Dr. Ismail (TTDI) Veterinary Clinic.  Wally have been to this clinic since 2001! We chose TTDI because initially we were staying at Damansara area, about 10 minutes drive to TTDI. Then we moved to Ampang 4 years ago, and I have tried the vets here in Ampang but nothing beats Dr. Clement in TTDI.  I don’t mind driving although now the journey will take 30 minutes to reach TTDI – so long as I know my cats are in good hands. We reached at 1pm but I was informed that Dr. Clement is currently performing a surgery and will take about 1 hour. I decided to wait and let Wally roam around the clinic.


We were called in to the consultation room after the doctor was done with his earlier operation. Anne – the Vet Nurse recognizes Wally and even calls his name, Sully (that’s what they call him – well Sully or Wally, both still his name =)  ) without looking at Wally’s information on the computer. Hehehe.. The doctor examined Sully Wally, cleaned his dirty ears, recorded his weight and gave him the vaccination.  Wally even got his ID chip in him and now he owns a passport! =)


I really like the way Dr. Clement and Anne handles Wally – gentle with loving care. You can tell that they really love animals and will do anything to help these animals a chance to live.

Take Wally for instance, he had numerous visits to Dr. Clement in the past because he was caught fighting with other cats. Wally thinks he’s macho enough to beat these cats but No! He ended up defeated in the fight and would come home with puncture marks on his ears, shoulders, etc. Once his ears got ripped and poor Dr. Clement had to stitch back to his original state.

When it was time to say goodbye and as usual, Anne would normally carry Wally and gives him hugs and kisses before passing him back to me.


To Dr. Clement and Anne, Thank you for treating Wally! You guys are the best!


This is a photo of Wally on his way home after visiting the vet. I think he was relieved that the checkup went well!

Anyone who owns a pet and wonders where to send your pet when they are ill or wants to get the annual jab – you know where to go…. TTDI Veterinary Clinic!

You can go to Facebook and search for Taman Tun Dr Ismail Veterinary Clinic. Alternatively, here’s the direct link