GoKart Night outs

We’ve been planning since end of last year to do a divisional gokart race but never seem to get a chance. 

Finally last Thursday, we managed to conduct one at USJ Kartx. We all left the office at about 6pm but at that time it was all dark clouds and rain started to pour. By the time we arrived USJ at 7.30pm, the dark clouds seemed to have followed us but Alhamdulillah, not a single rain drop during our race. 

It was just us at the race track so that was good. We had the 10 minutes qualifying round and 10 laps of race. That was RM100 per person. 

Best time – Qualifying round

Actual race position

Finals – our no. 1, 2 and 3

Best time – final

All in all, we had fun. I think there’s going to be another one – this time, we try it in the morning! 😎


New Year

Happy New Year!! May this year brings joy, luck and prosperity in all of us!

Me and Mr. Hubster didn’t manage to wait for the countdown for 2016. Well, almost! I remember I was still up at 11.30pm.. but I can confirm that by midnight, I had doze off to sleep and missed all the big-bang fireworks! Boohoo! I

I think it is ‘that’ age where you just can’t be bothered to wait till midnight and that sleeping more hours is crucial and important =p

Let’s plan for some travelling………….. Heeeeeeeeeeeee…… =)



Its been a while since my last update on Louie a.k.a WeeWee. He is 8 months old now. He has been extremely well behaved cat, I would say. Still very quiet and only “meows” softly when we prepare his favourite wetfood which he knows how to claim everyday at 7.30pm.

He is very clingy. Clingy in a sense that he wants to join the crowd. Say for example, the whole family is chilling in the living room, WeeWee won’t roam far from us even with our sliding doors wide open – he won’t go far and usually we would be able to see his whereabout.

And when we wanted to go to bed, he would just follow us up behind us to ‘his room’. He wont go to bed after that but he is comfortable to play in the room before he goes to bed.

The other day, we caught some fleas on him. Eeewww! Not quite sure where he got it from but immediately I went out to buy the flea meds for him. The vet suggest one very effective but quite pricy flea drop which is Revolution. The meds to me is quite strong as you would only need 1 small tube that can last for ages! So far it has been 2 months since we last put the drop on him and no fleas yet as of now.


Help!! We caught a big hairy rodent! Tehehehe!  WeeWee just loved the attention. We love him to bits!


Thats the update on WeeWee for now! Nitey nite nite!



Had a girlfriend catch-up brunch session with my primary school friends. It’s been a while since we last had a catch up session.

So today, we head to Aether Cafe at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The place is quite tricky to get there but once you’re there, you would feel comfy with their unique ambiance.

They don’t serve meat so if you are super hungry, I don’t suggest for you to come here.


Aether Salad – Sandwich – Thai Iced Milk Tea – Fresh Juice – Crepe Cake



Today I bid goodbye to my daily breakfast routine – Nasi Lemak at Teh Tarek Place, Sooka.

Usually, most of my morning, I would start my day with this delicious nasi lemak bungkus with extra sambal. Starting tomorrow, this shop will be closed down to give way for the building to set up a medical centre. Boohooooo!!!!!

So, here’s the last picture of my fav nasi lemak. Sob! Sob!


Nasi Lemak Bungkus


I was craving for Japanese food and I managed to persuade Mr. Hubster to accompany me for lunch.

There’s one place in my mind that I would go for Japanese – Ozeki at Menara TA. The food there has always been consistent and am always satisfied with the quality, and service.


Ozeki – Nagisa Lunch Set RM22



I looveeee durian. But sadly, my husband is a mat-salleh who can’t stand the smell and taste of durian.

Now is the time for durian season and thankfully, my girlfriends from primary school are like me – the durian junkies!

We set a date for the gathering and we head to SS2 for some durian feast and it was sooo good! I think we ate about 3 durians in total and we were all stuffed!



Louie’s vet visit


Louie’s medical appointment

Louie was due for this first vaccine jab in May. So I brought him to the vet on 16th May for this vaccination and de-worming. Last weekend was his second vaccine jab. He handled the jab like nothing happened. Ate his de-worming pill and we decided to get him micro-chipped.

So it is all done for the year. He is a growing furball – very active and FAST!  and ….. starting to be cheeky at times.

Save the stray cat

On a Saturday morning, at 6am, we found a stray cat next to our mini swimming pool. By the look of it, he wanted to drink the water from the pool. So one of my sisters ran back in the kitchen to get a proper bowl and fresh drinking water for the poor cat. However, we noticed that he was struggling to drink – as if something was poking his mouth. It revealed that his jaw was somewhat dislocated! Poor little cat… God knows how long he has been like this and how many days he’d been without food and water.  My sister quickly brought out the cat carrier and without any hesitation, the cat voluntarily walked towards the carrier and went in it. It was like as though he was trying to say – “Help Me!”

Coincidently, I was planning to bring Louie for his follow up jab. So I brought both cats (Louie and the stray cat) to the vet. It felt like a loooooooooooooooooooooooooong 20 minutes journey to the vet. The stray cat smelled badly – maybe due to his injuries to the point that I had to wind down the windows while driving.

So the vet had a look at the cat. His view was the stray cat’s jaws were literally broken into 3 parts – of which the left jaw bone was poking the right cheek. The vet advised us to leave the cat with them so that he can have a closer look and update me once he’s done. So, we head back home with Louie only.

Come evening, I received a call from Ann (the vet nurse) and she said the stray cat had been in a very very bad shape. Not only his jaw was already broken, he was highly dehydrated because of his inability to eat / drink and they discovered that his testicles were full of maggots! Meaning, his internal organs were in a bad shape already.

The Dr. Vet gave me two options:
1. I would take him back and let nature do its job; or
2. To put the poor cat to his deep sleep.

I gave some thought and it would be a pity if I were take him home – there’s nothing that I can do to help him. He was in deep pain and I don’t want him to suffer any more, so I opt for option 2. It’s not that I wanted to take the easy way out , it’s just that I don’t want it to prolong any longer.

In my religion, some people would take that as killing the animal, but when I consulted a few people, they said that my actions were not wrong – it all depends on the niat (intentions).

I felt extremely sad for the stray cat but he is now in a better place.


Get well soon Miko

Miko wasn’t feeling very well the past few days. Last Monday night (4th May) , we noticed that he’d been vomiting a few hours after he had his food. Since it was 9pm, we decided to bring Miko to the 24hours Animal Hospital at Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman. We waited quite long for our turn despite that there were only 2 people that the doctor had to attend to.

After about 30 minutes of waiting, it was Miko’s turn. We explained to the doctor what happened – that Miko vomited whenever he ate his biscuits to the point there were nothing else left to vomit. So the vet gave him 3 injections – vit B, something to stop the vomiting and antibiotics. We brought him home and observe.

2 days after that, Miko still vomits and refused to eat or drink. So my husband and I decided to bring Miko to the vet that I usually go to – TTDI Vet. It was already 10pm at that time, but I texted Ann (Vet Nurse) and she insisted that we send Miko straight away. Although it was 10pm and the vet usually closes at 8pm, but Ann and Dr. Clement was willing to wait for us.

To cut the story short, we left Miko there for Dr. Clement to observe and he said that he will take blood samples in the morning to know the reason why Miko was acting like so.

Thursday came and we were informed that Miko’s results didn’t turn out good. His urine was not in the normal range and reason to it was he was not eating for quite some time. So the doctor suggests us to force feed Miko, gave us some pills for him and observe the progress.

On Sunday and Miko was still the same. It was quite heart-broken to see him that way knowing that he would be the one to greet us and manja-manja with us during weekends. Again, the clinic closes on Sundays but because I texted Ann and informed her the progress, the doctor suggested to bring Miko to him.

We left Miko at the clinic – he is on drips now. I really hope that he recovers soon! =(

Thursday. 14th May 2015
We got a call from the vet that Miko can be discharged (after 3 days on drips). So hubster went and picked Miko up after work. We have to force feed him though but luckily he did not reject. Slowly but surely.. The doctor said to continue force feed him. One day he will eat on his own.

Sunday, 17th May 2015
Miko is eating his wetfood on his own!!!! We’re soooooo happy! He even came to us whenever we were about to open his can food – means he is now interested to eat! Alhamdulillah….