Netball Accident

We had our last training with our netball coach yesterday so coach decided to do a friendly with Maxis since we have been playing or rather training among ourselves. I guess Coach felt that it’s time to see how we play against other teams. 

We were actually having fun – well I was. Its really good to see how our team now able to play as a TEAM. Love you guys!!! We are more structured, we managed to get the ball when passed – no more buttery fingers. So yaay!!

Not so sure if we were leading at that point but I think we were. Hahaha. So, then came 2nd half and the ball was coming to me and all I could remember that there were people near me and before I could catch the ball, I felt a sharp pain on my right ankle. Owh-uh I thought. This cannot happen today! Not when there’s a game next week!!!! 

I couldn’t move my leg but at that time everyone was around me giving a helping hand. Someone even came with ice immediately so that helped alot! After about 2 minutes in the court, I decided to sit at the side and let the game continue. The moment I wanted to stand, I couldn’t put my right feet on the ground!!!!! NOOOOOOOOOO! What actually happened to my ankle? It felt like a sprain ankle.. so lets just brush it off.. Fuuh! 

Went back home but slowly I had to drive using my left foot instead coz I couldn’t bear the pain to push the accelerator. 

Mr Hubster then continued to ice my feet.. it had swollen bigger now. Huhuhu..

Its Merdeka today.. specialist doctors would be off sooo…… I just had to bear with it for today. Can’t walk now, I have to crawl my way around the house. Little Zara thinks that I’m playing cats with her so she joined me to crawl with sound effects “Meow! Meow!”. 😅


Will need to wait till tomorrow to see the specialist. Wish me luck!  

Bowling tourney

So its here! The day has come for everyone to show off and show their talents!

We played at Wangsa Walk. Lane was nice, clean and looks newly-renovated. Minimal delays in terms of lane problem. 

By the time I reached there, I quickly looked at the team arrangement. They assigned 1 representative to a team – so that we mingle. I got placed next to the guy’s lane (hemph!) AND…… they assigned me to the best players that kick-ass last year. DAMMIT! There goes my confidence. These people are really good. They can be quite intimidating (well thats how I see it), when they come in with their own ball and all sorts of gadgets looking like a pro. I just had to talk to myself and motivate to boost up my confidence. I do sometimes go to my colleagues just to get confort – teehee! 

The players from other company that I had to compete with

Then my biggest supporter came….. its Mr Hubster! Awwww…. 

In the end, we got 2nd overall. I got 4th in ladies placing overall but 1st placing within my company. So that was ok. Could have been better. Will train more next time! 

We got second ya’ll

Intercompany game

It’s that time of year when we tend to have intercompany games. We get emails flying out every week to either to scout for people to fill up certain sports or reminders on the training. There are sports like:

– Futsal (for the guys. There were for ladies last year but the take up rate this year was low so they decided to only open up to the gents)

– Volleyball

– Netball 

– Bowling

– Badminton

– Basketball

– Ping Pong

– Dodgeball (new sport for this year and it was to replace the futsal for Ladies)

– Darts

I am joining bowling and netball as GS – no stamina to run so I’d rather be in the D section. We hired a coach to train us – not to win but to make us better than last year. At least probably to be more organised, have ‘chemistry’ with other players, and polishing up any netball skills. So the month of August is the month where everyone will be hyped up to get better in sports! We shall see what’s the progress. =)

GoKart Night outs

We’ve been planning since end of last year to do a divisional gokart race but never seem to get a chance. 

Finally last Thursday, we managed to conduct one at USJ Kartx. We all left the office at about 6pm but at that time it was all dark clouds and rain started to pour. By the time we arrived USJ at 7.30pm, the dark clouds seemed to have followed us but Alhamdulillah, not a single rain drop during our race. 

It was just us at the race track so that was good. We had the 10 minutes qualifying round and 10 laps of race. That was RM100 per person. 

Best time – Qualifying round

Actual race position

Finals – our no. 1, 2 and 3

Best time – final

All in all, we had fun. I think there’s going to be another one – this time, we try it in the morning! 😎


New Year

Happy New Year!! May this year brings joy, luck and prosperity in all of us!

Me and Mr. Hubster didn’t manage to wait for the countdown for 2016. Well, almost! I remember I was still up at 11.30pm.. but I can confirm that by midnight, I had doze off to sleep and missed all the big-bang fireworks! Boohoo! I

I think it is ‘that’ age where you just can’t be bothered to wait till midnight and that sleeping more hours is crucial and important =p

Let’s plan for some travelling………….. Heeeeeeeeeeeee…… =)



Its been a while since my last update on Louie a.k.a WeeWee. He is 8 months old now. He has been extremely well behaved cat, I would say. Still very quiet and only “meows” softly when we prepare his favourite wetfood which he knows how to claim everyday at 7.30pm.

He is very clingy. Clingy in a sense that he wants to join the crowd. Say for example, the whole family is chilling in the living room, WeeWee won’t roam far from us even with our sliding doors wide open – he won’t go far and usually we would be able to see his whereabout.

And when we wanted to go to bed, he would just follow us up behind us to ‘his room’. He wont go to bed after that but he is comfortable to play in the room before he goes to bed.

The other day, we caught some fleas on him. Eeewww! Not quite sure where he got it from but immediately I went out to buy the flea meds for him. The vet suggest one very effective but quite pricy flea drop which is Revolution. The meds to me is quite strong as you would only need 1 small tube that can last for ages! So far it has been 2 months since we last put the drop on him and no fleas yet as of now.


Help!! We caught a big hairy rodent! Tehehehe!  WeeWee just loved the attention. We love him to bits!


Thats the update on WeeWee for now! Nitey nite nite!



Had a girlfriend catch-up brunch session with my primary school friends. It’s been a while since we last had a catch up session.

So today, we head to Aether Cafe at Taman Tun Dr Ismail. The place is quite tricky to get there but once you’re there, you would feel comfy with their unique ambiance.

They don’t serve meat so if you are super hungry, I don’t suggest for you to come here.


Aether Salad – Sandwich – Thai Iced Milk Tea – Fresh Juice – Crepe Cake