Lunch at Chequers

We went to Chequers nearby the TTDI Vetenery Clinic after we check on Miko. We had “I am Hungry” section in the menu and it was Moo Moo which is a savoury waffle with sirloin beef patty, cheddar, slaw, relish, beef bacon, berries barbecue sauce and it.. was.. yummy!


Moo Moo

Drinks we had root-beer float and James’ Paradise – fresh mint, hint of lemon-grass and lime) and strawberry milkshake.


Rootbear – James’ Paradise

My view on the drinks? Nothing to shout for really. It was just an OK for me.

The ambiance was nice and cozy but I didn’t snap any photo of the restaurant. Maybe I was too hungry :p


Welcoming Louie

It was an extremely tough time for the past 2 months without Wally. We all felt the emptiness and affected the usual routines that we normally do when Wally was around. Everyone got hit hard especially Mom. She took the longest time to recover (I was not that far behind either). She even expressed to have another cat – to fill the emptiness in the house.

Aimi and I tried to scout for kittens & cats. Dad’s requirement was he doesn’t want us to buy a cat but rather to adopt cats for free. So we’ve been looking high and low taking our time and ensured that we did not rush to get one when all of a sudden – last Monday, we got a news from Athira (my youngest sister) that her group of friends gave her a kitten (10 weeks old) as her birthday present. We gave some thought and everybody were in the same page to welcome this kitten as a new member of the family.


Meet Louie! (Zara calls him Wee-Wee!) A cross breed of semi-flat face persian & flat-face persian. Today is day-2 and he has been adjusting very well. He is very easy-going, no big fuss, knows where his toilets are, his bed (he knows how to claim the whole bed!), friendly to people, knows how to share his toys with little Ms. Zara and to date, I have yet to hear him ‘meow’. To the point where, Aida asked whether he is mute! hahahahaha! Athira have heard him meowed before though.

Louie being very well behaved somehow just made me think – maybe Wally is giving him guidance and directions from ‘above’. But that is just me…. thinking.

Welcome home, Louie!

Family Time – Melaka Trip

Last week was some loooonngg extended weekend with Labour Day which falls on a Friday and Wesak on a Sunday which was replaced on a Monday. Suweeeet!

So dad had an idea – to go to Melaka with the whole jingbangs! That would be 10 of us plus 1 toddler. But Ajat had to work so that makes us 9 adults plus 1 toddler. So on Saturday, we went there with 3 cars and reached Melaka at 9.30am. I googled for a place for breakfast and came across with Hassan’s Mee Goreng. We reached at the place at 10am only to be turned down. Aparently they already ran out of food! That was only 10am!!!!

So we head to the next venue which was Ee Ji Ban Chicken Rice Ball. Because we went there early, there were still ample of seats. So brunch it is…


Chicken Rice Ball


Chicken Rice Ball

Then we went to Klebang Coconut Shake that most people talk about. Queued for 50 minutes under the hot sun!


Klebang Coconut Shake que


Klebang Coconut Shake

My view?? Its nothing to shout about. I wouldn’t queue so long for this. It was just an OK for me.

After that we ‘checked-in’ into our homestay. Very nice and clean. There was a tennis table in the house!



For dinner, we had Sg Duyong Seafood and it was only 7.30pm but when we reached there, there were a long line with people queuing. What’s up with Melaka and people eating at the same places?!?!

Luckly earlier before we left the house, my husband called up the place and asking if we could make reservation which he replied to just walk in and look for the guy when we reached there.

Lucky indeed…!! We managed to get a seat before everybody else. Phew! Food was surprisingly good.


Sg Duyong Seafood

The next day, we head to Jonker Street to Café 1511. Again, nothing to shout for. Food was ok but I love the lime juice. It was refreshing!



Cafe 1511


After that, we head for desserts at Nadeje, Mahkota Parade before we head home



Nadeje Mahkota Parade

Sleep tight my dearest Wally

With an extremly heavy hearted, we bid farewell to our beloved family member – Sully Wally. I remembered very well that at 7.30pm today (16 March 2015), I was feeding him with wetfood which he ate and once he was done, he left (which is normal). But not long after, we found him laying still at our housing compound at 8.15pm today, motionless. We went to him and found some marks on both his legs and bloodstains from his mouth. He was still soft and it could have recently happened. I quickly made a call to our vet only to realised that they were overseas attending a training. But Ann (the vet nurse) sent out a text message was concerned and asked if there were anything wrong. I told her the situation, sent her photos of Wally and asked if there were any vet-clinics that were still open at that hour. She suggested to go to the Animal Medical Centre at Jalan Tun Razak.

Without any delay, I went with Wally accompanied by my hubster and sister, Aida. When we reached there, the nurse saw my puffy eyes and looked down on Wally. She took Wally and immediately passed to the Doctor. The doctor tried to hear any heartbeat. He even tried to revive Wally but after a while, he apologised to say that Wally was gone. The doctor had a look at the cuts on Wally’s legs and he said that Wally may be hit by a car. When he examined Wally’s face, the slimy blood that was still in Wally’s tongue indicated that Wally may had an internal injury. Hearing all that, I wished it was just a dream and to wake up, Wally would be there alive but I just have to accept the fact that Wally is finally gone.

To my dearest Wally, you will always be special to us – some say your breed, a maine coon as a gentle giant and you definitely are a gentle giant. You’ve always been ever so gentle to kids, warm at heart with us. A cat version of ‘Hachiko’ who always kept Athira company whenever she starts to do her homework or revision at the study table.

Close to 15 years that you were with us. It was a gift from the Al-Mighty. You brightened our family. You gave us the smiles. You would normally lepak near us whenever we performed our prayers berjemaah. We showered you will plenty of love and care. We would ensure that you were in the bedroom and would carry to up whenever we wanted to go to sleep. You seemed to know the time because when it is past 7pm, you would demand for your wetfood.

What dad said made me think for a while. He mentioned that Wally was a lucky cat. He never give us any problem. The way he left us was also easy. Easy in the sense of he did not suffer long. In fact it was extremely quick. He was clean when he passed away. He was not ill. No other scars except for his legs which looked like his skin got scraped and despite he got hit by a car, he still took the effort to come back home and managed to lay inside the housing compound. Like how human beings are like especially the old people, whenever they know it is their time to go, he/she would request to be back home rather than to stay in hospital. Which was how I can relate why Wally took the effort to be home after he got hit.

Tomorrow morning, dad will help us perform the burial. He will be with us at the housing compound.

Life is tough now – for everyone! but I know it is temporary. Writing this on the blog is also not easy but I just had to do it. I need this to be up so that as years down the road, I would be able to read this back.

So for Wally – We’ll miss you very very much and we won’t forget you ever! Love you so much.

Innalilahi wainna ilaihi rojiun.

Destressing on a Sunday

Things have not been a smooth lately. In fact many things happened as a start of 2015. Dad was hospitalised on the second week of January. He had a mild heart attack which resulted him to undergo angioplasty. He is now with 3 stents in his arteries. 

My maid which we employed in August 2014 decided to ran away. She did it like a pro! Ran away on a Sunday evening by just casually walking out past the guardhouse. What goes around comes around. I hope she gets punished one day. 

So yeah, with what has happened, things are not so good. Not sure with the rest of the family but I felt it. To keep my mind out of this mess, I try to occupy myself by doing spring cleaning. I just spent like 4 hours cleaning up my room and I felt good about it. But once I was done cleaning, my mind felt gloomy again. Sigh! 

I decided to take the car keys and drove to the shopping mall to get my naila done. It has been awhile since I pamper myself. So thats what I did…

Im praying hard that things will get better soon.. For all of us 

Zara: Playtime at 12.30midnight!

It has been a quiet and easy Saturday for me. Did the norm – cleaned up the house, did the laundry and chilling while watching the TV. Surprisingly, there were no interesting channels on a Saturday. Boooorriinggg! So I fell asleep and by 10pm I was wide awake.

Apparently, Zara was still up and hyper at 11pm to the point her mom called me to entertain her. So I did. She can’t talk by the way. So most of the time, it is a guessing game as to what she wants by observing her actions / movements. I managed to figure out that she wants to go down since she was pointing to the door. Siigghhh! Everyone is already asleep and she wants to go down and play?!? Fiiinnneee…. I took her down to the living room and placed her near her toys. She pointed out to the door (as if she wants to go outside). I was like… Oh-uh! No, we’re not going out at this time. So I tried to distract her with her toys until she saw the bubble bottles and insisted I blow the bubbles for her.

She is smart!!! She knows that we need to go out to play the bubbles. I didn’t budge though. No way I am going out to blow bubbles at midnight! So I selambe played bubbles in the living room! Hah! My heart melts when she got so excited seeing bubbles flying around. She didn’t run for it though, she just sat on my lap and watched how the bubbles just floats away. I was doing it for 30 minutes and decided to trick her by yawning and asked her “Lets go to sleep? Goodnight?”. She nodded and did her flying kiss. (that’s her way of saying goodnight or goodbyes). Thank God!

So yeah.. first time ever to play bubbles in the middle of the night. Now, little Ms. Zara is  fast asleep. Goodnight sayang

MyTeksi App – used for the first time

I’ve downloaded MyTeksi application on my phone for quite some time ago. Only just recently I began to use the app for the first time and am quite impressed.

I have a 2 hours lunch break on Fridays to give way for the Muslim men to perform their Friday Prayers. Usually at this time, I would start to think where to go during my Friday lunch time. So I decided to go to Gardens MidValley for my facial at Beaute Library. Driving there from KL Sentral is not a good option as you will be wasting time at the basement carpark to find a spot for your car. So I opted to go there via taxi. Its pretty easy to get a cab from KL Sentral. My only problem is to go back from MidValley to KL Sentral.

Normally the que to get a taxi at MidValley is looooonnnggg during lunch hours. The fact that I’m doing my facial, my 2 hours lunch time only ngam ngam for me to get back to my office on-time. So once I was done with my facial, I immediately logged into MyTeksi App to get a cab back to office. Within minutes, the app informed me that there is a cab for me with the Taxi’s number plate, driver’s name and an estimate cost of my journey. Not long after that, the taxi driver called my mobile telling me that he is nearby. Good service ey!

Which made me think. This is good for tourists in Malaysia. At least when you use this app, it tells you the estimated cost for your journey. Normally, I read in the news that tourist get conned by taxi drivers by quoting extremely ridiculous high price (and some refuse to use the meter) whenever they hail a taxi by the roadside.

If you use this app and lets say the taxi driver still con you (touch wood that you dont), you can easily report the matter to the authorities as you already have the taxi’s number plate, driver’s name and driver’s mobile number.

Today marks the last day of 2014 – Summary

Summary of what happened in 2014 for Malaysia

Missing MH370 (Malaysia Airlines)

Come back MH370
Flight that were flying from Kuala Lumpur to Beijing on 8th March 2014 went missing and up till this date, no news on the whereabouts of this missing aircraft.

Flight 370 last made voice contact with air traffic control at 01:19 7th March 2014 when it was over the South China Sea, less than an hour after takeoff, and the aircraft disappeared from air traffic controllers’ radar screens at 01:21. Malaysian military radar continued to track Flight 370 as it deviated from its planned flight path and crossed the Malay Peninsula; Flight 370 left the range of Malaysian military radar at 02:15 while over the Andaman Sea, 200 nautical miles northwest of Penang, Malaysia. Neither the crew nor the aircraft’s communication systems relayed a distress signal, indications of bad weather, or technical problems before the aircraft vanished. The aircraft, a Boeing 777-200ER, was carrying 12 Malaysian crew members and 227 passengers from 15 nations.
*Information taken from Wikipedia.

Lost of MH17 (Malaysia Airlines)


Not long after the MH370 incident, we received another devastating news that MH17 that was flying from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur was shot down over Ukraine (territory controlled by pro-Russian separatists) on 17 July 2014, killing all 298 people aboard.

Worst floods in the east coast


Roughly since 15th December 2014, the east coast of Peninsular Malaysia mainly Kelantan, Terengganu and parts of Pahang experienced heavy rainfall which resulted to flooding in most of the areas including my dad’s hometown which is in Kota Bahru, Kelantan. The situation got worse when water rose up further and spilled over into residential homes. The water rose up so fast that some residents didn’t have the time to pack or move their cars. TNB decided to cut the electricity power for safety reasons and to avoid any accidents such as people being electrocuted.

Malaysians were advised to give a helping hand to those affected by buying food and other necessities or make donations to help ease the burden.

My sister’s husband’s cousin is helping out in Kelantan by purchasing items such as food, clothing, and other necessities and channelling the items to those in need via 4×4 pick up truck and sampan. They are currently in need of cash to purchase food for those affected. Do let me know if anyone can help. Many thanks!

Lost of Airasia QZ8510


Another devistating news when AirAsia flight QZ8501 that was supposed to fly to Singapore from Surabaya, Indonesia went missing on 28th December 2014 with 155 passengers and 7 crew on board. Wreckage of the plane was found two days later in the Karimata Strait. As of now, there are teams that are currently on site to search for the bodies and in hopeful, if there are any survivors.

Lets hope for a better year ahead for 2015, insyaAllah

First timer property buyer like me – What to expect

Following from my previous write up on the property that we went to see and having to place a booking fee to temporary secure the unit that we wanted, we have been exposed to new things in dealing with the purchase of a property which I hope that it may benefit some of the new buyers or going-to-be new buyers of a property as I was quite stressed up that I didn’t get the answers from my googling research.

Booking a unit
When you fancy a house and that you have decided that you want to take up that particular unit, take note on the offers that developer is offering. It may be, pre-launch discount, developer rebates and bumi discounts. This acts as some savings to you as these amount reduces the cost of the property that you have to pay.

Also take note on other free items that the developer is giving out for example:
a. Free maintenance fee for xx year from the date of Certificate of Completion
b. Free legal fee and disbursement of the Sale & Purchase Agreement (I will come to this later about lawyers)

The developer will require you to place a booking fee or some people call it as earnest money. It is more like a deposit to temporary secure your booking until you get your loan from the bank. Best to pay this amount with a cheque. They do accept credit cards but please be mindful that there will be a 2% charge by the bank if in the event that you want to cancel your booking due to loan application not approved.

Useful tips: Be nice and make friends with the sales person. We were fortunate to get a very helpful sales person and she guided us all the way from the start up until the signing of S&P Agreement. 

Apply for housing loan
Something that I learn from this is that you need to ask the developer who is the panel banks for their developer. This is because, if you have a preferred bank and the bank is not a panel bank to the developer, the bank cannot or does not want to disburse the loan amount to the developer. So do take note on their panel banks.

Apply for your housing loan and apply to multiple banks (from the panel bank’s list) Why? So that you can make comparison and see which bank offers you the best rate. Banks wants you as their customer and hence it is for us as a customer to decide which one that you favour the most.

Useful note: Once a bank offers their rate to you via their Offer Letter, you have 14 days to respond. But bear in mind, you can request from the bank to extend the expiry date of the offer should you wish more time to decide.

Getting a lawyer
This is something I know the least and I was not very comfortable of. I didn’t get enough information as per what I needed but along the way dad helped me by asking his lawyer friend and we some what know what we have to do.

You will be required to get a lawyer prior to signing the Sales and Purchase (S&P) Agreement. And the appointment of lawyers are as follows:

a. Loan Agreement (This is between you as a buyer and the bank)
b. Sales and Purchase Agreement (This is between you as a buyer and the developer)
c. Memorandum of Transfer (This is between you as a buyer and the developer upon completion of the property)
d. Memorandum of Charge (This is between you as a buyer and the bank)
(Item c and d will come in the later stage of the whole process, mostly after the completion of the property)

These lawyer fees come with a charge and it is not cheap! So, apart from planning your monthly commitment to the property that you will be purchasing, you must also have some savings to pay up these lawyer fees along the way.

As what I mentioned during the booking of a unit to take note what items that are borne by the developer hence it is free to us – mostly it would be on the Loan Agreement (for some developers, this must be borne by the buyer) and S&P legal fees.

For me, I had to pay the Loan Agreement fees and again similar with panel banks, developer would have their panel lawyers. Check with the developer if we have the option to not use their panel lawyers which mostly would say no. But anyway, their panel lawyers would give you a quotation on the lawyer fees. What we did was we managed to get another quotation from my lawyer dad friend and the difference is HUGE!

Our S&P fees are borne by the developer. Should we choose to select our own lawyer, then we will need to pay for the S&P Legal fees.

Useful tips: You must negotiate with the panel lawyers to reduce their fees. After all they would want to have you as their customer. Fight for the right price and so, you should get quotation from other lawyers for comparison. We managed to negotiate to come to OUR price and agreed to take the developer’s lawyer. 
If you don’t negotiate and accept what the lawyer is quoting, you have paid them heaps of extra money, of which you could use that difference for something else.

Useful tips2: Get the lawyer to follow your timing schedule and not theirs. They tend to dictate to you when and where you should meet them up for signing which I find this quite annoying. Why? We are the ones paying the fees to them including their travelling cost. So make them drive to you and not you drive to their place! After all, we are the customer.

Signing the Agreement
Once you have agreed the time and place to do the signing of all the agreements. The lawyer will come prepared with tonnes of documents for your to sign and initials. Make the lawyer explain to you every agreement that you are signing so that you understood what the contents are. Please do not blindly sign the agreement without reading it. It will take hours as there are a lot of things to read.

Check on what you initially signed up for and what was written on the agreement especially:
a. Specification of your unit,
b. Warranty period for defects after completion,
c. Clause to say that you will only accept the unit if it is as per the square feet that you have agreed to buy. Or, some clause would say that the developer will pay compensation if the size runs about 2% from the actual square feet.
d. and other things that you have concerns on.

All done, all you need to do now is just wait until the lawyer provides you with the stamped copy of all the agreement.

For us, we after we signed the S&P Agreement, the sales person was there ready to hand in our welcome gift. It consists of 1 polo shirt, 1 t-shirt and a surprised gift! They said that this surprise gift is limited and we were fortunate to get it! I’m happy!! Alhamdulillah!


Welcome gift which comprises of 1 ladies polo shirt and 1 unisex t-shirt plus the surprise gift!


This is the surprise gift! Lovin’ it!

Property Hunting

Every weekend, we have been busy scouting for a new place to stay. Ideally I would prefer it to be a landed property but it must come with certain criteria.
1. It must be gated and guarded – for safety reasons. I have been mugged back in my Uni days right in front of my home. That tragedy scarred me for life!
2. It must be located in the city – for easy access for work. I really don’t like having to drive more than 45 minutes to work.
3. Best if it is near LRT so that as an alternative, I can commute via train to work.

However, having those conditions above comes with high costs. You can barely find a property as such that’s affordable. You must be a earning lots of $$ to afford those kind of property. Hence, we came up with another option which is a condominiums.

We know nuts about condominiums as we have never stayed in one. But there’s plenty of options to choose from as most of the condominiums are located in the city. Basically we went to scout these places:

Liberty at iCity

Liberty, iCity Shah Alam

Liberty, iCity Shah Alam

– New area at iCity, Shah Alam itself. They are planning to do a new township there with offices, hotels, shopping mall and because there is existing theme park which I find it dull and barely surviving.
– They claimed to be closed to the proposed LRT but looking at their drawing and since the LRT is near to the shopping mall, it would be quite a walk from the apartment to the proposed LRT.
– It is sold as fully furnished but the furnitures that they offer for Liberty is seriously ugly!
– Sizes ranging from 466sq ft to 769sq ft and duplex at 725sq ft
– Freehold
– For investment, maybe that would be OK as you can still attract students from UiTM to stay (if they can afford to pay premium price for rental). If own stay, I wouldn’t suggest so.

Update: The after sales service sucks BIG TIME! Avoid this property if you can
(To the developer, I hope you are reading this!)

Infiniti3, Sri Rampai

Infiniti3 Residence

Infiniti3 Residence

– Walking distance about 750m to LRT Sri Rampai (which is a plus)
– There’s 3 towers.
– Facilities such as swimming pool, tennis court, futsal court (that’s the first time I heard they offer futsal)
– Sizes ranging from 1085sq ft and 1518sq ft
– Leasehold
– Very tempting to buy a unit but when I got to know that the developer was from Setapak Developer, I went like… Hermmmmm….. These are the people who did Villa Wangsamas. Alot of problems with Villa Wangsamas but although they have rectified it, still… Hermmm…..

Nadayu63, Taman Melawati

Nadayu 63

Nadayu 63

– Its close to 3km drive from the main intersection coming into Taman Melawati from MRR2
– The concept of serviced-residence which means that at the ground level, there would be  a mini-shopping mall that would be an ease for those people who wants to do grocery shoppping.
– Leasehold
– Sizes ranging from 562 sq ft to 1,144 sq. ft.
– Standard facilities like swimming pool with cabana, sky lounge, garden, gym room, playground, nursery room, function room, and surau
– There’s a 3-storey sky lounge overlooking the breath-taking view of the Melawati ridge
– We were quite interested at a unit at Level 19 which is next to the 3 storey sky lounge as there will be only 2 units only at that side for level 19 which makes it exclusive.

Wangsa9, Wangsa Maju



– There were no advertisement about this property. We only noticed it at the holding when we passed-by Wangsa Walk and decided to venture further about this property
– Developer is MitraJaya Homes that built Kiara 9 at Mont Kiara
– There will be 3 towers, out of which 2 towers with 38 storeys and 1 tower with 48 storeys
– Right opposite Wangsa Walk and it is only 150m walk to Sri Rampai LRT Station (a BIG BIG plus)
– Sizes ranging from 1033 sq. ft. to 2336 sq. ft. And the biggest unit would have 2 private lifts to access the unit.
– Leasehold
– Facilities such as 2 swimming pools with floating cabana, sky lounge, garden, 2 gym rooms, kids play area, surau, nursery room, tennis court, basketball + futsal court, skating arena and surau at level 7
– Provide 2 – 3 car park bays depending on the units taken
– We immediately fall in love with this property and… decided to have a go! Booking done! =) Bismillah
– Expected completion year 2019 or sooner.

Update: The staff for Wangsa9 are extremely helpful and very pro-active. Kudos to Sara! You have helped us a lot in managing our expectations and handling the bank loan representatives for us. Many thanks!