Dyson Handheld DC61

The way to deal with having furry pets at home is to have a vacuum! My husband suggested me to have a go at Dyson. Coincidentally, Dyson at Harvey Norman, Ikano Power Center (IPC) offered promotional price plus you get to pick an envelope that will reveal other goodies you might be in luck with. So we went there to have a look for the handheld vacuums as we have the big vacuums already in the house.

This handheld vacuum is light to hold and easy to handle. DC61 comes with:

  • Extra tools – for cleaning hard to reach places;
  • 2 years warranty – including parts and labor but in Harvey Norman, you can extend another 3 years for a minimal fee);
  • 20 minutes of powerful suction;
  • Boost Mode – 6 minutes to increase suction power for more difficult tasks ( I hardly use this);
  • Charging cable – charging time will take about 6 hours; and
  • Manual

Why is Dyson different from other brands:

  • Captures more dirt than any other cyclone technology
    I find this true and tested myself. The suction is more efficient as compared to the normal conventional vacuum cleaners. It captures more dirt only at 1 go.No extra cost
  • No extra cost
    Because other machines are still designed to need replacement bags and filters – which can result to more cost incurred to purchase those bags/filters. Dyson vacuums are bagless and have washable lifetime filters – so there are no extra costs.
  • Built to last
    Tough and durable. They claimed that all Dyson vacuums are made from ABS and polycarbonate – the same material used in riot shields and crash helmets. Every single component is relentlessly tested to survive real life. There’s a video about this test. I dare not test it on my device though.
  • Trap allergens, expels cleaner air
    This is a plus for me as I have sinus and live with my furry-pets. It captures allergens and expels cleaner air. Approved by both the British Allergy Foundation and Service Allergie Suisse.
  • Award winning customer support
    All Dyson handheld vacuums are guaranteed for two years – parts and labour. But if you were to purchase it with Harvey Norman, you can extend the warranty for another 3 years which make up to 5 years of warranty. Once you purchase any Dyson product, you will need to register online in  order to get the warranty to kick-in.

**The specifications are taken from Dyson website.

Personally, the sad back about this vacuum is that it can only last for 20 minutes but the charging time is almost 6 hours!

We ended up buying one for ourselves anyway and we got free gift such as the additional tools that is used to vacuum cars and the envelope revealed that we got 2 USB memory stick.

We need to vacuum the room daily as our cats roam around the room and their fur can be everywhere! So far, we have been using this vacuum daily and it’s good – except for the charging part but other than that, it is all good!

And because we liked this handheld so much, we decided to buy the Dyson DC39 to vacuum our entire house – which means, we need to figure out where and how to get rid of the old vacuums.