Day 1 – Madinah

Alhamdulillah… We have arrived Madinah 🙂

Flight was pleasant and smooth. There were a few mild air-pockets but other than that, all good. Our flight was at 2pm from KLIA. We reached KLIA airport at 10.45am (supposed to meet up at 10am) but we made it.

There were a quick briefing near Old Town White Coffee on the do’s and don’t, what to look for and what to expect, etc.. etc.. Since our flight is at 2pm, there’s little room for us to perform our Zohor prayer. So me, Mr Hubster and My Mom went to surau to take our wudu’. By the time we got into the immigration and all it was already 1pm. While waiting for all of us to go pass our gate, it was already 1.30pm and we managed to perform our Zohor prayer (qasar Asar) at the gate area. Since our seat was at the upper deck, there were heaps of spaces at the waiting area (level 1) for some of us to perform our prayer.

We reached Madinah airport at about 6.40pm (Madinah time), took the shuttle bus to the immigration point. I went separate lane from Mr Hubster and My Mom simply because we just want to disperse ourselves. Apparently, my lane was faster and the person mending Mr Hubster and my mom’s lane ditched them to attend another lane. And since I cannot linger around after the immigration area, I was directed to go to the baggage collection area. 30 minutes after, I was united back with Mr Hubster and My Mom. Got our bags then we were instructed to head to the bus which is about 5-10 minutes walk away from the airport.

When we reached the bus, we got to know that we still need to wait for the rest to past immigration and collect their bags, so we then decided to go to the Mosque which is next to the airport to perform Maghrib and Isyak.

By 9pm, everyone got on the bus and we were ready to head to the hotel. We were told that there’s a requirement for buildings in Madinah to maintain a certain height so that Masjid Nabawi can be seen from miles away.

We were greeted by Ustaz Haji Hadi at Dallah Taibah Hotel and were ushered straight to the eating area. There, we were given briefings for tomorrow’s plan to Mekkah.

Owh, what I observed with Rayhar was that, we dont have to care about our bags as much. The moment we arrived at the hotel in Madinah, and while enjoying our dinner, we were told by Ustaz Haji Hadi to collect our bags at certain floor. By the time we got on to that floor, there’s heaps of bags from our travel from KL to be collected 🙂

Now we’re in our rooms ready to go to bed. More updates soon.



Crams before my travel

I am scheduled to travel for the ISACA conference tonight and of all the days, I had an unusual cramp on my upper thigh and the pain was excruciating! I can’t even move a bit and it happened every 10 minutes – sometimes can come up to every 2 minutes but once the pain fades off, it just quickly disappear.

So my husband suggested me to go to a hospital for checkup rather than to go to a clinic. It was at 5pm so I still had ample of time before I take the cab to the airport by 11pm.
So went to Gleneagle and had a checkup. They even performed an ultrasound on my thigh to check if there’s any blockage on my veins. So far, it’s all good – no blockage. Why it happened? I have no idea. The senior MO gave me painkiller as I informed him that I will be on a long-haul flight tonight. He also said that I am having fever and to make sure I take the medicine on the plane on a timely basis so that I’m free from fever by the time I get to the destination. Let’s hope all ok.


Travelling tips: I usually would stock up my medicine before I go anywhere – be it panadol, flu medicines, headache, diarrhea, etc. Just in case if you ever get caught in any illness during your travel.